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Review By Darren McIntyre

GUN is a hard rock band from Glasgow, Scotland originally formed in 1987, the boys started life as Blind Allez then Phobia for a while before settling on GUN. The boys were signed to A & M in 1988 and came to mainstream attention with the release of their groundbreaking album Taking On The World, the band like most have had some changes in personnel but has kept their hard rocking edgy groove as their main focus to this very day. The boys have given us 8 studio albums and on the 12th of April they unleash their brand new studio offering Hombres, I am pleased to say that I will be reviewing this stunning slab of rock n roll today. I am very proud to say that these boys are also friends of mine and I couldn’t be prouder of these incredible humans who are also talented musicians to boot, please settle in and grab yourself a cold one as I unleash this colossal new offering.

All Fired Up – A slick guitar riff erupts from the get-go as this thundering beast comes to life with a phenomenal bassline that really controls the track as it fires on all cylinders from the off let me tell you. The rhythm section commands the tone from back as the snare drum beats work well as bass kicks drop in and bring cymbal crashes that just tell their own story, the gravelly soulful vocals come at us and they just control the tone of this epic opener as a swashbuckling solo drops in and takes this fantastic track to another level as the whole track just slots into place and takes us back to the very beginning as the boys really sizzle with this punchy, rocking, groove-laden arrangement that just lets us know that GUN are back baby and then some.

Boys Don’t Cry – A gritty guitar riff oozes from the intro as a pounding bass kick brings the rhythm section to our attention as this rasping monster makes itself known to us. The dark meaty bassline is wrapping itself around this foot-stomping rocker track that has bags of swagger attached to it as we really get a truckload of rasping riffs that let this track breathe. The rhythm section is just bringing the heat as the solid grooves are taking this track up another level for sure, a slick swift guitar solo escapes and just pops with ease as the boys really hit the mark with this fantastic offering.

Take Me Back Home – A crunching guitar riff pours from the second this track comes to life as this awesome rocking beast takes us to another place as the solid rocking riffs let this fist-pumping rock monster grab us by the scruff of the neck and let us feel the raw energy oozing from this fantastic arrangement. The bassline is again at the beating heart of this track as it drops epic funk grooves all through this sizzling slab of rock n roll that is just on the money, vocals are telling their own story as they guide this incredible track on the right path as we get snippets of GUN of old as they return to their roots with a fantastic piece of music that will certainly fly off the shelves for sure when this bad boy hits the shops.

Fake Life – A cool punchy beat comes at us with real depth as the snare drum punches let the rhythm section bring the groove and the sweet crisp twin guitar salvo really lets this track breathe. The boys have really sculpted a colossal album from the off as we really lose ourselves in this well-written, well-produced, well-written album that will have you hooked from the minute it hits your turntable. The bassline is handing us mellow funk tones that just wrap themselves around this foot-stomping, fist-pumping monster that is a real return to form for my buddies as they really let their music do the talking and I cannot wait for you guys to witness this fantastic slab of music.
Falling – Sweet clean guitar picks are oozing from the intro as Dante comes in with incredible vocals that just set you at ease from the minute it comes to us. Bass kicks are hitting us with real passion as the snare drum punches really let this awesome arrangement do its thing, the whole piece is just a real feel-good number that delivers slick, clean guitar riffs that are wrapped in awesome grooves that let the boys really tell their side of the story so far. A guitar solo slides in and really lifts this sort of rocking ballad as the boys take us on a journey that takes me back to when I first met these scrawny nuggets and instantly had a connection that has lasted to this very day.

You Are What I Need – A grungy guitar riff wanders into the track as Dante lets his soulful gravelly vocals take the track down the road and let this foot-stomping beast loose. The track has real depth as the boys cut loose and bring us a swagger-filled track that brings in fantastic backing vocals from the girls as they direct this sensational track and let us feel the energy pouring from this fantastic arrangement. The bassline is handing us deep funky nuggets of groove that fit so well into this wonderful track, a slick clean solo erupts and lets us feel the musicality coming at us right now as the boys just kick in the doors and let us have it with a smouldering groove that has the gravelly vocals to keep it company.

Never Enough – A real gritty rocking guitar riff oozes through the intro as this incredible arrangement just explodes and gives us a real taste of the GUN we know and love. The guitar work is just sublime as it allows this crunching beast the room it needs to grow and soar as we get a funky bassline that wraps itself around this incredible arrangement as the scorching solo breaks free and really delivers in spades, the tempo changes direction and brings us a real punchy rhythm section that is hitting us with solid beats that are all woven together with epic musicality that just leaves us wanting more.

Don’t Hide Your Fears Tonight – Slick clean guitar licks erupt from the off as the rhythm section comes in with real solid snare drum beats that settle the track into its groove. The vocals are really strong as they bring a cool tone to the track as we really lose ourselves in the sheer magnitude that these boys are bringing to the table tonight, we have sweet clean basslines that are dropping epic tones all through the arrangement as we get swept up in the colossal beats that are wandering through this fantastic track. This is a real thought-provoking track that lets us sneak inside the minds of the boys as they deliver a full-on punchy rock n roll classic that is just a return to form for these 5 Hombres from Glasgow.

Lucky Guy – Epic basslines are controlling the funk as the rhythm section kicks in with solid grooves that are letting this epic track build as we get swept up in the furore that is coming before us. The slick shredding guitar riffs erupt all through the arrangement as the boys really hit their stride and bring us a solid slab of rock n roll that is on the money, the boys are firing on all cylinders for sure as this slick, crisp track brings epic guitar licks that are wrapped in a gravelly vocal laden tone that is just letting us drift off and let these boys deliver something really special let me tell you.

A Shift In Time – An acoustic strumming chord comes at us as Dante lets his soulful vocals take charge as this rasping monster just explodes and lets the boys tell their story. The album is nothing short of spectacular as they have nailed every element of this process let me tell you as we feel the rawness come through and really give us what we have wanted for so long,  a colossal piece of music that will be filling gig venues everywhere very soon. The slick guitar riffs are just giving us what we wanted as the track really delivers on all levels and then some, I cannot wait for these tracks to be played loud and proud when they come to a town near us all very soon.

GUN  –
          Dante Gizzi  –  Vocals
          Giuliano ‘ Jools ‘ Gizzi  –  Guitar
          Ru Moy  –  Guitar
          Andy Carr  –  Bass
          Paul McManus  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      All Fired Up
                      Boys Don’t Cry
                      Take Me Back Home
                      Fake Life
                      You Are What I Need
                      Never Enough
                      Don’t Hide Your Fears Tonight
                      Lucky Guy
                      A Shift In Time


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