Album Review: Return to Dust’s Debut LP Brings Grunge To The Forefront

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Review By Glen Parkes

Return to Dust’s debut album is a journey that pays homage to the grunge era of the ’90s while carving out its own distinct space in the modern music landscape. With influences ranging from Deftones to Nirvana, the Los Angeles-based trio — Matty Bielawski, Graham Stanush, and Sebastian Gonzalez — delivers a raw and emotive collection of tracks that breathe new life into the genre.

Their debut LP not only pays homage to the past but also forges a path towards the future, blending gritty guitar riffs, alluring bass lines, and dual lead vocals into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Tracks like “Black Road,” “Belly Up,” and “No Love” showcase their ability to craft moody, evocative compositions that resonate with raw emotion and unyielding energy.

The album kicks off with “Black Road,” setting the tone with haunting melodies and gritty guitar riffs reminiscent of the genre’s heyday. From there, tracks like “Belly Up” and “Face Down” showcase the band’s knack for crafting infectious hooks and dynamic arrangements that grab the listener’s attention from the start.

“Anyway, I Die” and “Cellophane” delve into darker territory, exploring themes of existentialism and introspection against a backdrop of brooding instrumentation. Meanwhile, “No Love” and “Bad News” pack a punch with their driving rhythms and anthemic choruses, showcasing the band’s ability to balance aggression with melody.

“About The World” and “Live Like This” offer moments of introspection and vulnerability, with introspective lyrics that resonate long after the music fades. Tracks like “Strangers” and “When You Look At Me” round out the album with their infectious energy and undeniable hooks, leaving listeners craving more.

Throughout the album, Return to Dust demonstrates a mastery of their craft, blending elements of grunge, alternative rock, and metal into a cohesive and captivating sound. From the haunting vocals to the thunderous percussion and searing guitar work, every element of the band’s sound is finely tuned and expertly executed.

In a musical landscape dominated by trends and fads, Return to Dust stands out as a refreshing reminder of the power of authenticity and passion. With their debut LP, they not only pay homage to the past but also pave the way for the future of grunge. Fans of the genre — old and new alike — would be remiss to overlook this promising debut from one of rock’s most exciting new acts.

In essence, Return to Dust is a triumphant that heralds the resurgence of grunge, proving that the spirit of ’90s alternative rock is alive and well in the hands of these talented musicians.

01 Black Road 3:40 02 Belly Up 3:21 03 Anyway I Die 3:13 04 Cellophane 2:52 05 Face Down 3:15 06 No Love 3:01 07 Bad News 2:49 08 About The World 2:57 09 Live Like This 3:56 10 Strangers 3:11 11 When You Look At Me

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