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Review By Darren McIntyre

Izzy Reign is an alt – cyber – pop – metal, bold, eclectic, rebellious musician who thrives on originality and thinking outside the box. Izzy is no stranger to the music industry as her father was an avid drummer and she grew up listening to Alanis Morisette, Jewel & Madonna, Izzy was inspired by Enter Shikari’s ‘Sorry You Are Not A Winner ‘ and the musical styles of Imogen Heap, this allowed her to take the plunge into the music world and allowed her to play her first gig aged just 15. Since that show, Izzy has taken a deeper dive into production, songwriting & performing and over the past 4 years she has released a myriad of covers, and originals today bringing us her re-released monster Broken By Design which I will be reviewing for you today.

Broken By Design – A pulsing overdub intro erupts with sampler grooves and epic synth tones come at us as Izzy’s awesome vocals lay over this colossal groove-laden beast. The pounding drum section brings a cool beat that lets the fascinating beat bring a foot-stomping electro tone that just flows effortlessly through this fascinating arrangement as the rasping guitar licks wander freely through the track as the sampler beats take us on the journey as the tempo changes direction. The soulful, melodic vocals are taking this dark, groove-laden monster to another place as the thundering drum section is unleashed and really delivers a heart-pounding tone that really makes this track stand out as it pulses through your body and really allows us to feel the beat soaring through the whole arrangement.

Izzy Reigns  –
                     Izzy Reigns  –  Vocals / Sampler Tones

Track Listing  –
                      Broken By Design

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