Saturday Night Satan – ‘All Things Black’

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Made Of Stone Recordings

Released – March 15th 2024

Review By Smudge

Saturday Night Satan is the duo of Kate Soulthorn (vocals) and Jim Kotsis (guitar/bass/backing vocals) who is also part of Black Soul Horde. This was only started as a studio project, but they have since enlisted mates from the Greek underground metal scene to play a few shows. Good! Because I would dearly love to see what they can do live. They take their inspiration from 70’s proto-metal, 80’s grooves and the occult and horror movies.

Opener ‘5 AM’ gets straight to it with a monster riff and groove that gets you moving. It’s kinda heavy and Soulthorn has a voice not dissimilar to Johanna Sadonis of Lucifer which gives the heavy music another dimension. A Thin Lizzy-esque twin melody line opens ‘Rule With Fire’. It’s mid-paced, dirty and groovy as is the excellent ‘Devil In Disguise’ which has a really catchy melody. Spooky synths open the title track, and it comes on a very modern line. This is an arena-sized dark rock with another excellent vocal from Soulthorn.

Things ease back on the doomy ‘Lurking In The Shadows’ with a big fat chunky riff and synth stabs adding things in the background before the power chords give the chorus a boost. ‘By The River’ brings some Wishbone Ash into the mix with an acoustic rhythm and twin guitars on the melody then ‘Crown Of Arrogance’ takes into traditional metal territory before the darker ‘Witch’s Dance’ and another fabulous catchy chorus. The final cut ‘Of Love And The Void’ brings the acoustic out again and gets folky with a beautiful flute from Joel Sempere before they get fast and heavy after a minute.

I enjoyed this. Lots of heavy riffing and some superb axe work from Kotsis. Soulthorn’s vocals are very alluring and melodic. Lucifer might have some competition here and that’s healthy. I can’t wait to see what these guys do next, in the meantime I will play this to death.

Track List –

1 – 5AM

2 – Rule With Fire

3 – Devil In Disguise

4 – All Things Black

5 – Lurking In The Shadows

6 – By The River

7 – Crown Of Arrogance

8 – Witches Dance

9 – Of Love And The Void

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