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Review By Darren McIntyre

Then Comes Silence is a Goth / Post-Punk Darkwave trio from Stockholm, Sweden who originally came to our attention in 2012. The band have had some personnel changes but this has made them a stronger force to be reckoned with, the boys have given us 6 studio albums and on the 5th of April they will deliver to us their 7th offering in the form of Trickery, from that comes their opening single Ride Or Die which I will be reviewing for you today, please ready yourself for this onslaught.

Ride Or Die – A synth groove flows freely through the intro as a punchy rhythm section hits us with snare drum beats and cymbal snaps that let this track break free. The melodic haunting vocals ooze through the track as a punchy bassline drops cool funk grooves all through the arrangement that just gives us a real goth / techno-driven track that has us tapping our feet to this swirling monster that just allows the synth tones to take this track up a notch or two. The guitar licks are crisp with a cool groove that allows this fantastic piece the room to tell it’s own story as these boys hit the ground running with a sweet punchy cymbal snap that wanders effortlessly through the goth-laden, synth-driven rocker track to let us feel the funk groove drive straight through this fist-pumping goth rock monster.

Then Comes Silence  –
                                   Alex Svenson
                                   Hugo Zombie
                                   Jonas Fransson

Track Listing  –
                      Ride Or Die

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