Five Finger Death Punch – “This Is The Way” Single Review

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By Glen Parkes

Five Finger Death Punch’s latest single, “This Is The Way,” from their deluxe edition album, is a powerful addition to their repertoire. Bolstered by the inclusion of the late legendary rapper DMX, this track stands out as a testament to the band’s versatility and ability to seamlessly blend genres.

Produced by Kevin Churko, known for his work with heavyweights like Ozzy Osbourne and Disturbed, “This Is The Way” maintains the signature hard-hitting sound that fans expect from Five Finger Death Punch. The track’s dynamic instrumentation, combining heavy guitar riffs with pounding drums, creates an intense and electrifying atmosphere from start to finish.

DMX’s feature on the track adds a unique and unexpected dimension, infusing the song with his unmistakable energy and grit. His presence brings a sense of urgency and raw emotion, complementing the band’s aggressive style perfectly. Together, Five Finger Death Punch and DMX deliver a powerhouse performance that is sure to resonate with listeners. “This Is The Way” is a standout single that reaffirms Five Finger Death Punch’s status as one of the leading forces in modern music. With its potent blend of heavy instrumentation, compelling vocals, and the addition of DMX’s unforgettable presence, this track is a must-listen for fans old and new alike.

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