YOUNG MEDICINE released new album ‘Cold Blooded’, out now on FiXT.

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Metal. Synthwave. Haunting. The X-Files
 Young Medicine Release Sophomore Album ‘Cold Blooded’
 Out Now From FiXT


Metal. Synthwave. Haunting. The X-Files. Young Medicine’s latest album Cold Blooded runs an epic gauntlet of genres. Cold Blooded is out now across all platforms.
The album kicks off with a track inspired by the X-Files series, “UFO Party” before pivoting to a light hearted yet epic “I’m Going To Hit Rock Bottom, You Guys Want Anything?” Delivering everything from ghost stories, in the The Haunting Of Bly Manor, inspired title track “Cold Blooded” to revenge with a stunning performance from Evan Kappelman on Saxophone on the unique track “Hold On To Anything” a sonic journey through haunting narratives, self-reflection, and powerful musical landscapes.  Cold Blooded is the album that was promised, the icing on a synthwave metal laden cake. 

Featuring a blazing array of synthesizers, drums, and heavy guitars, wrapped seamlessly around thought-provoking lyrics and showcasing the band’s “Warped-Tour-meets-Synthwave” sound Cold Blooded is an electrifying addition to the bands repertoire. Including everything from hard-hitting djent rhythms, retro synth tones, combining heavy ’80s synths with a mix of Post-Hardcore and modern Metal, Young Medicine takes fans on a sonic journey through haunting narratives, self-reflection, and powerful musical landscapes. Young Medicine is just getting started. Stay tuned.
Releasing with the album is “Parasocial” featuring an appearance from the enigmatic Essenger. Synthwave and rock collide in the blazing single characterized by its electrifying energy and Young Medicine’s fearless experimentation. The lyrics delve into the complexities of parasocial relationships, where individuals form emotional bonds with personas in media, reflecting on the impact of technology on human interaction. In their own words, Young Medicine asks, “Have you ever been stalked online by someone you barely know? We delved into the one-sided parasocial relationships people have with those they follow online—how people feel entitled to a constant window into your life and communication based on this idea they have of you. We have received some crazy messages and even in-person encounters of this sort over the past few years and wrote this song from the perspective of the “stalker,” stylistically pulling from metal, synthwave, and TRL-era boy band melodies.”
Rising synthwave rockers Young Medicine pull the best from diverse genres to build a carefully constructed music identity that defies simple categorization. Thumping double-bass beats and crunchy guitar riffs hammer out hard-hitting rhythms while chorus lines partner with sparkling retro synth tones for a stunning mix of audio ideas. If synthwave and metal got together and started a boy band, the result might sound something like Young Medicine, who have put themselves on the map as pioneers for a new era by bringing rockstar swagger to the retrowave movement. 
Cold Blooded is out now on all platforms from FiXT.

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