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Review By Darren McIntyre

The Petal Falls are a 5 piece rock/pop outfit from the Medway of Kent that originally stretches back to the mid 90’s, the formation of the band led to some personal situations with the ranks thus causing the band to cease in existence and their rise to fame cut from beneath them. Keith was allowed to reprise the original music of The Petal Falls and set about bringing to life their 4 album haul to the delight of their swelling fanbase, Keith brings us Someone Somewhere which I will be reviewing for you today.

Someone Somewhere – There is a real 80’s feeling to this guitar-laden track as the drum fills let this cool punchy track breathe and let us feel the groove oozing from the intro. We have soulful melodic vocals that are wrapped in a deep funky bassline that is flowing effortlessly through the track as the beat comes to us with it’s real funky 80’s style tones that are oozing from the arrangement. The keys are littered throughout the track as the punchy foot-tapping groove brings us slick crisp guitar licks that really take us back to the heyday of the 80s as the funk groove washes over us and really lets the tone bring a finger-clicking tone that is helped on it’s way with melodic lyrics that are fresh with a real cool tone that brings the band right back to us with their fantastic tone, depth and swagger that has us reaching for the repeat button.

The Petal Falls  –
                          Keith Leahy  –  Lead Vocals / Guitar / Keys
                          Robert Harpum  –  Guitar
                          Barry Kitchin  –  Guitar
                          Martin Corder  –  Bass
                          Duncan Lowe  –  Keys
                          Avril Davis  –  Backing Vocals
                          Robin Tucker  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      Someone Somewhere

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