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Review By Darren McIntyre

GUN is a hard rock band from Glasgow, Scotland originally formed in 1987, the boys started life as Blind Allez then Phobia for a while before settling on GUN. The boys were signed to A & M in 1988 and came to mainstream attention with the release of their groundbreaking album Taking On The World, the band like most have had some personnel changes but has kept their hard rocking edgy groove as their main focus to this very day.

The boys have given us 8 studio albums and on the 12th of April they unleash their brand new studio offering Hombres, with that in mind the boys will be doing a series of instore appearances and tonight they are at Assai Records in Glasgow to bring us a taster of this colossal slab of rock n roll from Glasgow’s finest rock band, the place is filling up nicely as we take our places and await the arrival to the stage. The door opens and Dante, Giuliano ‘Jools’, Andy & Ruaraidh take to the stage and take their places, tune up and then have a chat about the new album, us the fans and the impending tour of the stores and the full electric shows that will take place the week after next. Dante tells us a little about the album, how it was formed, the journey to get the album made and the newest member of the GUN family, first up is a really cool rendition of

All Fired Up – Kicking things off tonight with Jools & Ruaraidh bringing the swagger with sweet clean acoustic guitar strumming that gets us All Fired Up for sure as Andy brings the groove with mellow acoustic basslines that hold this awesome rendition together. Dante lets his gravelly mellow vocals fill the store with ease as the boys smile from ear to ear as they look out at the faces and see the enjoyment they are bringing to Glasgow tonight on this special launch event. The boys are letting go as Jools is strumming heavily and letting us know that the boys thank everyone from the bottom of their hearts for their support, we walk straight into

Falling – Jools kicks things off with sweet cool chords that let Dante bring his soulful melodic vocals to us tonight as these boys come in and bring their mellow backing vocals that open this track up. The bass groove is just letting this track breathe as the crowd is smiling widely We are witnessing something special tonight as this stripped-back cool version lets us feel what it is gonna sound like in full electric mode, the boys are strumming heavily on their guitars as the crowd is enjoying every minute of this cool experience from the best rock band to come from Glasgow, Dante chats about the upcoming acoustic shows, the full electric shows and of course the Christmas special as they launch into –
Shift In Time – Dante tells us that this was the first track written for Hombres as the boys were thinking of ways to generate an income through the hard times of a few years back as he introduces the track. Mellow acoustic strumming chords are oozing from the small packed stage as Dante lets his soulful vocals let this track come to life, the boys are bringing the beat as they drive behind Dante and let the groove flow right through the store tonight. The beat is running right through us tonight as we feel the depth, and swagger pouring from this fantastic track that has real thought-provoking lyrics that just catch your attention, we come to the last track and it’s a crowd favourite for sure it is the fantastic

Better Days – Dante tells us that this was their first single way back in 1989 we smile widely as I remember it well from days gone by. The boys are strumming heavily on their guitars as Andy brings the heat on his acoustic bass that just wraps itself around this classic track, Dante lets his funky soulful vocals carry this absolute classic all the way home as the boys stamp their feet to this belting classic and I think it’s a nice way to finish off this instore session and a real nice way to bring in the full electric shows.
This was a really nice way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday night getting up close and personal with some of the GUN boys to really get to grips with this phenomenal new album that puts these boys right back at the top of the rock n roll pile for sure

Assai Records

GUN  –
          Dante Gizzi  –  Vocals
          Giuliano ‘ Jools’ Gizzi  –  Acoustic Guitar
          Ruaraidh Macfarlane  –  Acoustic Guitar
          Andy Carr  –  Acoustic Bass

Setlist  –
            All Fired Up
            Shift In Time
            Better Days

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