Iain ‘The Gator’ Donald – Live – Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh blues club

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Review By Darren McIntyre images By Scott Anderson

Iain’ Gator’ Donald is a well-travelled bluesman from the Mar Policies in Alloa, Scotland who brings well-written lyrics to life through his travels in life. Music was always around him and his family and Iain convinced his parents to buy him a bass guitar when he was around 10 – 11 years old, blues is a way of life and it gave Iain a voice and the confidence to get up on stage and deliver his bard like melodic lyrics to the world. Iain came to our attention as The Gator when he started a radio show with Gaulty aka Fiona Gault his wife. Ian has shared the stage with Sugaray Rayford, played in a few local outfits and recently recorded his last single with St Louis songstress Candice Ivory and is putting the finishing touches to his EP. Tonight Iain steps onto the hallowed Voodoo Rooms stage to bring us his well travelled and thought-provoking lyrics that will certainly take us on a journey of discovery, the place falls silent as Iain steps onto the stage and he looks visibly terrified but there is no need as the place erupts in a hail of applause as Iain chats with us and tells us that he is hoping not to be shite but he is quite nervous and there is no need as he picks up his trusty guitar and leads us onto

The Cape-Iain lets the acoustic guitar do the work as he strums ever so lightly on his trusty steed and lets the groove build the excitement of this real thought-provoking track. There is emotion pouring from the opening track as the lyrics resonate with us as he tells the story and lets us travel along the lonely highway with him, the gravelly blues-style tones fit the arrangement perfectly as we sit motionless and feel the depth of his writing grab our attention. The place is silent as Iain delivers a fantastic opening track that has a powering presence around it that lets us feel nothing but joy for the artist up there on stage pouring his heart and soul into his performance tonight, the place is upstanding as Iain takes the applause but tells us he is super nervous and again doesn’t want to be shite but feels that getting his first 4 sad songs oot the way will help his current situation as we all cheer loudly and tell him to get on with it, next up is

Mama’s Eyes – Iain begins the track with melodic moody guitar picks that ooze from the stage as he shows us his vulnerable side with deep lyrics that tell us of his relationship with his mother. There is regret in the lyrics and emotion attached to the melodic track as we go on that all-important journey with Iain as he delves into his past and gives the guitar a workout as the strings tell their own story of Iain’s heartbreak and his feelings that he will never get back as he sings fondly of his childhood and what it gave him in terms of life lessons and how to deal with the shit that he has going on right now. The place comes to life with loud applause as Iain thanks us for listening to him drone on about his past but felt it relevant to tonight’s performance, we cheer loudly as we roll into

Goodbye Baby – This toe-tapping number pours from the stage as the acoustic chords deliver a groovy blues-inspired tone that captures the enigmatic bluesman and his gravelly vocals as they roll through Voodoo Rooms tonight. This is another thought-provoking track that grabs our attention as Iain lets the soothing bluesy vocals take us on the journey with him as he tells the story that brings back memories, and thoughts and lets him express himself through his love of music. The place is stirring with clapping and humming as the track really wraps itself around us and just tells us that this guy is something special and I for one am glad I got to witness this larger-than-life musician tell his story, we stroll into

Halfway To Jackson – This heartfelt track tugs at your heartstrings with its emotion-filled lyrics that just transport us back to our childhood. Iain is strumming on his guitar as he sings the melodic track to us with thought-provoking tones that capture the mood of tonight’s towering performance, the place is silent as we go along for the ride and get sucked into the music with soulful vocals and stirring acoustic guitar licks that make this track something special. The guy is so nervous but is toiling and really giving his all tonight as we just capture the fantastic lyrics and what they mean to this fantastic musician, the track has memories etched all over it and it means so much to him as he pours his heart out to the fine folk of Edinburgh tonight, as we hear the last lingering guitar chord disappear Iain tells us that that is enough of the sad shite and lets get the party started, he lays down his acoustic guitar and reaches for the plug as he brings the electric sound buzzing through the venue tonight as we ready ourselves for

Reefer / Muddy Waters – We prepare ourselves as colossal blues chords ooze from the stage as Iain drops the big guns with a real Southern Blues slide guitar lick that gets our feet stamping and our fists pumping. We are getting hot under the collar as the awesome soulful vocals let the track unfold as Iain lets his fingers do the talking with this incredible stripped-back emotion-filled track that just allows us to wander freely and feel this exciting musician do his thing. The track is full of depth, swagger and colossal blues chords as the slide effect really grabs our attention for sure and I can tell you now the gig is in full swing. The night is full of anecdotes, stories, thoughts, feelings and incredible music that has been a real joy to witness, Iain tells us he is running out o time but is promising us a slew of great tracks that will have us talking for a while, we now come to a familiar subject that has many people chattering as Ian tells us his story about his lovely lady Fiona and how she needs to

Shave Your Legs – Sweet melodic strumming chords pour from the stage as Iain brings us a track about his ‘Ball & Chain’ as the heartfelt lyrics bring to life a story that has emotion, love, and a real love affair between two people that is just incredible to listen to. We are getting the vibe that there is a softer side to this well-travelled bluesman as he talks fondly of his good lady and how he wouldn’t change her for the world, she was supposed to be here tonight but missed the ferry to get her here, this brings a huge cheer from this swelling audience as we dive into –
Drop Down Mama – This is a killer track that lets Iain rock out and bring us scintillating guitar grooves that have us stamping our feet to this infectious number. A swagger is attached to this cool arrangement as we get up on our feet and clap along to this gravelly-voiced bluesman as he lets rip with epic slide tones that send the energy racing through the venue tonight. The place is in full swing right now as this fantastic musician has a smile as wide as the clyde right as he looks at all our faces and sees the joy etched upon all of us as we just get this guy and what he is bringing to Edinburgh tonight, we are nearing the end of this killer set as Iain leads us onto how he met his good lady, I give you

Dunoon Boat Song – Iain brings this fantastic track to life with sweet melodic slide guitar licks that set the scene as we dive into this dark, brooding beast of a track. The place is silent as the cool guitar tones fill the whole room with their intense mood we feel the pure emotion oozing from the stage right now as we enjoy the killer licks that Iain is bringing us right now. There is a softness to these chords that instantly puts you at ease as we flow freely with the main man as he steers us along the way with his effortless playing that is just fantastic as the whole place erupts with loud cheers and hollering tones as we celebrate this fantastic musician as we roll into the fantastic

Nobody’s Fault But Mine – Iain chats about spending time in Mississippi and soaking up the blues effect of the fantastic place that has given him so much joy. The gravelly vocals lead on as he brings sweet acoustic chords to the party and brings a foot-stomping blues-filled arrangement to us tonight, the place is bouncing as Iain digs deep and tells us a story that captures our imagination as we watch and listen intently to this well-travelled bluesman as we flow sweetly into the last track of the night and it is a doozie let me tell you –
John The Revelator – Iain tells us that the last track tonight will need audience participation as he asks us to clap in time with him lol. Iain lets his deep, dark mellow vocals run freely through the venue. The guitar brings depth with moody chords that capture the essence of tonight’s killer show It just feels magical as the bluesman cuts about the stage and strums heavily on his trusty old guitar that has served him well tonight, we have witnessed an awesome show by a nervous, shy bluesman that has won a whole new army of fans tonight let me tell you. A killer night of blues-soaked music that has touched so many in different ways tonight.

Iain ‘The Gator’ Donald  –
                                       Iain ‘The Gator’ Donald  –  Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

Setlist  – The Cape
              Mama’s Eyes
              Goodbye Baby
              Halfway To Jackson
              Shave Your Legs
              Drop Down Mama
              Dunoon Boat Song
              Nobody’s Fault But Mine
              John The Revelator

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