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Review By Darren McIntyre

Joanne Shaw Taylor is a singer / Guitarist/songwriter from Wednesbury, West Midlands, UK who has been bringing her infectious brand of Americana / Blues since 2002. Joanne was discovered by Dave Stewart(Eurythmics Fame) at the age of just 16, Joanne has won Best Female Vocalist @ British Blues Awards 2010, and 2011 & Songwriter Of The Year. Joanne has given us White Sugar in 2009, Diamonds In The Dirt in 2010, Almost Always Never in 2012, Songs From The Road in 2013, The Dirty Truth in 2014, Wild in 2016, Reckless Heart in 2019, Reckless Blues EP in 2020, The Blues Album in 2021, Blues From The Heart Live in 2022, Nobody’s Fool in 2022, Sweet Little Lies in 2023 and will release her new album Heavy Soul on June 7th. From that new album comes the blistering Devil In Me which I will be reviewing for you today.

Devil In Me – From the outset, we get a real shoe shuffling guitar riff that has a cool rhythm beat for the company as this real sludgy rock n roll beast comes to life. Joanne brings her sultry blues-style vocals that just wrap themselves around this fantastic arrangement as we feel the energy pulsing through the mid-section of this fast and furious-paced blues assault that just stops us in our tracks. This is a real gritty rocker track that brings us Joanne’s classy guitar licks with a real cool groove that wanders effortlessly through the whole composition, this is a shift in the groove for Joanne as we get a grittier, funk-laden beat that just elevates this fantastic piece to another level. We have sultry basslines that are wrapping themselves around this punchy, soulful beast that just kicks in the doors with its intense dark riffs that make us sit up and take notice as Joanne commands the track with epic fingerwork that is on the money.

Joanne Shaw Taylor  –
                                  Joanne Shaw Taylor  –  Guitar / Vocals

Track Listing  –
                      Devil In Me

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