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Review By Darren McIntyre

Bison Hip are a rock / blues / country quintet from Glasgow who were born from a chance meeting that led to zoom calls that brought these 5 boys together. The cool thing about this outfit is that they are all over fifty except Steven who clocks in at a spritly forty(just a boy), the boys have given us EP Dear Green’s & Blues & their stonking album Older, Stronger, Better. The boys have been playing gigs up and down the country and just wanted to reach as many new fans as possible, May 17th sees the boys deliver to us their brand new album Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life, from that comes new single Parasite which I will be reviewing for you today.

Parasite – Kicking off where they left off is a real punchy foot tapping rock n roll beast that lets the funk groove take us on a journey as Paul lets his soulful vocals guide this killer track down the road. The infectious groove brings in deep pulsing basslines that are cool and really wrap themselves around this incredible new arrangement, the keys are littered throughout the track and just give this track a real funky feel. The slick clean guitar licks are erupting and let this fantastic track tell it’s own story as the crisp tones flow effortlessly through this punchy foot stomping rock n roll groover, the tempo changes pace as Paul lets his melodic vocals lead the track as the groove dips and brings us a softer, soulful beat that really packs a punch as the boys take us through our paces as the sweet cool guitar tones work well with a punchy rhythm section that is giving us snare drum beats and bass kicks that just settle the track into it’s rightful groove, another killer track from these titans of the blues rocking Glasgow scene.

Bison Hip  –

                  Paul Sloway  –  Vocals
                  John Gilmour Smith  –  Guitars
                  Graeme Carswell  –  Bass
                  Steven Radziwonik  –  Keys
                  Malcolm Button  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

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