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Review By Darren McIntyre

Royal Republic are a Garage / Alternative / Hard / Rock n Roll band from Malmo, Sweden who were formed in 2007, the boys have supported the likes of Social Distortion, The Subways, Die Toten Hosen & Blink 182. The boys have given us 5 studio albums to date – We Are The Royal in 2010, Save The Nation in 2012, Royal Republic & The Nosebreakers in 2014, Weekend Man in 2016 & Club Majesty in 2019. The boys unleash their new album Lovecop slated for release on 7th June 2024 and from that comes opening single Ain’t Got Time which I will be reviewing for you today.

Ain’t Got Time – A rasping gritty guitar shred erupts from the get go as this foot stomping, fist pumping rock n roll beast is set free and really brings the heat. The mellow soulful vocals are letting the funk eruption break free as this epic arrangement really gets your feet moving, this is a real funk laden rock track that instantly catches your attention as the band really delivers a cool gritty monster track that just ticks all the boxes. Basslines are dropping epic dark beats all through the arrangement that just stops us in our tracks as the real infectious beat shakes you for all you got, we are getting sweet mellow beats that let this classic 80’s infused track tell it’s own story as we feel the intense heat pouring from this electrifying monster as our feet start to move and just allow these boys to kick in the doors and deliver a sludgy beast of a track that has us reaching for the repeat button again and again.

Royal Republic  –
                          Adan Grahn  –  Vocals
                          Hannes Irengard  –  Guitar
                          Jonas Almen  –  Bass
                          Per Andresson  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      Ain’t Got Time

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