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Review By Darren McIntyre Images by Scott Anderson

Sari Beth Schorr is a blues / rock singer songwriter from New York, New York who was born to a father who was a pilot in the US Air Force & a mother who was a fashion model. Sari began her own journey into music with classical training at both high school & college and was advised to pursue a career in opera, in view of her 5 – octave range and the strength of her singing. In 2015 Sari was inducted into the New York Blues Hall Of Fame & in 2016 she gave us her debut record A Force Of Nature, followed that with her Sophomore record Never Say Never and again followed that with Live In Europe in 2020. Fortunately Sari is someone I call a friend and I have been lucky enough to catch her live @ The Caves in Edinburgh, Wildfire @ Wanlockhead & Winterstorm Troon & was lucky enough to bring her to Glasgow’s Classic Grand with my friend and prompter Peter from ShockCity Productions,  tonight this absolute powerhouse singer / songwriter brings her The Future Starts Here Tour to Oran Mor as she brings her colossal blues vocals to the fine folk of Glasgow. Sari steps on the stage to rapturous applause as she struts straight into –

The Circle Is Complete – A cool blues groove wanders freely through the intro as Sari lets her incredible vocals kick the night off as the boys come in and let this night take us to another place as we get down and dirty with this incredible musician. The rhythm section is commanding the room with solid beats that bring us punchy snare drum as the slick timeless guitar licks come like a juggernaut from Ash as he really digs the groove as this track just kicks up the dirt and lets this awesome 4 piece deliver a faultless masterclass of killer music that is food for the soul let me tell you. The insane vocals are pouring from the stage as Sari lights up the room with her soulful tones that let us know that Sari is back, bigger, stronger and ready to take on all comers right now, the place erupts in a hail of applause as Sari gracefully takes the plaudits before we move into

The Distance – There is a real sludgy groove to this punchy groover track as Ash brings a slick, dark guitar lick that really lets this track breathe. The rhythm section is bringing strong snare drum punches as the cymbal snaps allow the track to grow with ease as we witness the colossal finger work from Ash Wilson as he lets the groove carry us along effortlessly. The soaring blues soaked vocals are just lighting up the room as Sari settles into her stride and takes us on her musical journey as we feel the tone shift with ease as the full on bassline delivers a dark, delicious groove that is just allowing the funk to flow freely from the stage tonight, we are witnessing something special tonight as Sari is just soaring with her flawless vocals that are surrounded by fantastic musicians as they let these new track warm the soul as we stop ourselves to check what is going down tonight, next up is

Joyful Sky – This is a track that instantly settles you into your groove as the mesmerising vocals hit you like a thunderbolt and just let you feel the Full Force of this towering musician as she grabs our attention. The killer bassline is just wrapping us in deep, soulful, bluesy grooves that are letting the musicality surround us with depth, attitude, soul and a world class vocalist that needs no introduction. The whole track is just a phenomenal arrangement that adds a new dimension to this incredible vocalist as we watch and listen to the slick finger work as Ash cuts loose and really delivers impeccable chords that just fill this place with energy and drive as we let this colossal night of blues wash over us, next up is

Ain’t Got No Money – Sizzling guitar licks pour into this incredible track as Ash  really brings the groove to us big time. Sari soars in and offloads with blistering vocals that are just incredible as they let this blues soaked piece come to life. Snare drum punches are flowing freely through the entire arrangement as the killer bass grooves drop colossal notes all over this killer track as we get incredible licks  which are littered throughout this stylish blues rocker track.  Ash is quite simply in a league of his own as he  steps up to the plate and drives us home ward with slick clean licks that are filling this place and really letting this awesome composition tell it’s own story for sure, this is a real crowd pleaser that just cements this incredible artist as she makes Oran Mor her own tonight as she delivers a heart felt storming blues driven set that is just bubbling to the surface, the crowd go nuts as Sari thanks us for coming out and really making her feel welcome, we move onto

– Demolition Man –  Sari bursts through with soulful vocals that just light up this impressive venue as the track builds and builds with each musician really bringing their A – Game to this fabulous track. The epic bassline is wrapping itself around this fantastic arrangement as the rhythm section hits us with solid snare drum grooves that work perfectly in this foot stomping beast echoes all around us and really take this track to another place for sure. Ash Wilson breaks cover and just shreds for his life as this colossal arrangement erupts with a wall of slick well crafted licks that let this incredible singer / songwriter really bring the goods tonight in Glasgow, what a track, what a voice and what a way to bring her The Future Starts Here Tour to Glasgow, we flow straight into

Ordinary Life –  Classy tones ooze from the stage as this melodic number brings emotion, depth and a real soulful feel as we watch in awe of this incredible lady as she gives us fantastic vocals that lead onto fabulous tones that are just on the money. The rhythm section brings bass kicks and cymbal snaps that work well with the fantastic piano tones that are flowing effortlessly through this thought provoking number as Sari’ s incredible vocals really grab you by there scruff of the neck and give us goose bumps as we stand in silence and really take in all that is being laid down before us tonight, we have undoubtedly one of the finest vocalists in the world tonight really bringing the house down with her fantastic tone and direction, we move onto –
Peace Of Mind – A dark gritty guitar riff pours from the stage as these soaring vocals break the solince as we feel the hairs stand up on our arms as this epic track erupts before us tonight. The full on delicious bassline comes at us with all it;s might as this foot stomping blues monster really delivers and then some, Ash is really digging deep as he loses himself with his exquisite finger work that just tingles when he cuts loose and really shows us what he is made of. The whole arrangement really suits Sari’s soaring moody vocals as we listen intently as this dark groover kicks in the doors and delivers a cool, full on groove arrangement as the bass kicks control the beat as we move effortlessly through this incredible piece of music, up next is

Damn The Reason – This is a real favourite of mine as we get the full force of this incredible artist as she blows the roof off of this venue tonight with her smouldering tone. Snare drum punches combine with cymbal snaps as the rhythm section builds and builds and mixes well with a real killer guitar  section that litters this absolute killer track and allows it to really flow with intent. Every so often you find a track that just transports you off to another place and let me tell you this is it, we are feeling the tone, drive and incredible vocals just blow us all away as the deliver a dark, soulful groove that is finished with a sizzling guitar display that really gives this track a soulful edgy feel as the riffs engulf us and really tell the story, incredible performance that flows nicely onto

Aunt Hazel – Cowbell flows into the track before Ash lets his slick clean guitar work get this track off the ground with ease as the rhythm section joins us and really gives this track depth. Sari’s soaring melodic vocals really lift the roof off this place tonight as we feel the energy explode from this insane piece of music, the bassline brings a sludgy groove that allows this track to wrap itself around us as we really feel the energy come at us with all it has. The rhythm section is controlling the tone of this mesmerising track that changes tempo mid shift as Ash delivers faultless finger work that is showing us a different side to this talented musician tonight. The whole arrangement is just mind blowing as the band seems tight and really comes armed with all the tools tonight that just cements Sari Schorr as a real Force Of Nature as she delivers a faultless masterclass in vocals that are something to behold, next up

Beautiful – Crisp clean mesmerising guitar chords come through before we have soulful blues vocals that just fill this intimate setting that just let us feel the emotion oozing from this incredible artist. Snare drum taps with cymbal snaps really elevate this ballad to the next level as the whole arrangement befits this classy setting. Bass grooves are coming at us and hit us with cool deep full on tones  that just wrap themselves around this incredible track as a cool guitar solo flows effortlessly through this captivating piece that is just so incedible that you could hear a pin drop with the commanding smokey vocals that instantly draw us to this sensational artist as she pulls you in with her colossal range and depth which is simply breathtaking, the set is a real mixed bag with old, new, covers and just intensifies this rather intimate gig as we are transfixed on Sari Schorr and what this talented vocalist is all about. As the audience holler and cheer with a huge seal of approval Sari again thanks us for coming out and supporting live music and that she is so thankful for the opportunity to bring her band to Glasgow and really give us an outstanding night of blues / rock that we won’t forget in a hurry.We are treated to a new offering from this astounding artist as we get the fabulous

Highway 69 – A rockier edgy groove comes at us as this snare drum driven beast erupts with mellow basslines that just let this track come for us. The punchy groove laden track bursts into life as Sari brings her infectious vocals that instantly stop you in your tracks as this toe tapping rock n roller track really builds, we are getting slick, crisp guitar licks that let this track soar as we get a real funky roaring groove that lets us know that Sari is firing on all cylinders tonight. The guys are really up for the show tonight as we get a heavier, funky tone that is filling every corner of this venue tonight let me tell you and the crowd are loving every minute of this incredible artist as she showcases her versatility and range as we feel the energy pouring from the stage tonight, up next is –

Valentina – A real crowd pleaser that gets the juices flowing as the band hits the groove with this pounding number that allows Sari to really deliver a soaring vocals arrangement that is just incredible. The crisp heavy ended guitar riffs are ploughing through the venue tonight as Ash lets rip with a slick clean display that holds our attention with every note that comes our way tonight. Ash steps up and shreds like nothing I have seen before as he loses himself with the raw energy that we have come to know him for, the rhythm section is handing us strong meaty grooves that just let this monster break free and deliver a faultless track that is just mind blowing, we roll into the classic

Maybe I’m Fooling – Deep full on bassline drops epic funk tones from the getgo as the rhythm section brings the groove with punchy bass kicks as the cymbal snaps allow this track to breathe. Sari lets her soaring blues soaked vocals take the lead as the rasping guitar licks really elevate this track to another level, the whole track is just giving us that warm fuzzy feeling throughout the whole arrangement as we lose ourselves in this incredible night of blues that was on another level for sure, Ash steps up and brings the licks as he shreds with no excuses as we roll into –

Black Betty – The unmistakeable dark glossy guitar picks bring this incredible piece of music to life as we stand motionless and await the raw edgy groove that is about to come at us. Sari’s incredible vocals flow effortlessly through the intro as we ready ourselves for this incredible track to suddenly explode into life, the rhythm section comes through and hits us with solid snare drum beats that have cymbal crashes that really give this track depth, attitude, swagger and a real sense of belonging as the musicianship unwraps a real killer groove that is wrapped in the silky smooth guitar work as Ash really brings the tone that is wrapped in the sensual mesmerising vocals of the wonderful Sari Schorr as she cuts through this track with ease as we stroll fortlessly into

I Just Wanna Make Love To You – We take the tempo up a notch as the band bring a real funk laden soulful groove to us with deep pounding snare drum punches that tell their own story. The slick guitar riffs are giving this track a real edgy funk groove as colossal basslines are hitting us with a funk groove that really takes this track in another direction. We shift the tempo a little as the deep cymbal crashes and bass kicks control the depth of the track as Ash comes in with crisp clean licks that allow the track to really build and give us a real lesson in blues rock that is just bubbling under the surface as the boys crash the party and hit us with a tidal wave of blues that is just off the scale, the tempo changes and we get epic notes  with a sludgy groove that allows this arrangement to take us wherever we need to be, we come onto my favourite track by Sari which will take your breathe away

Rock n Roll – The classic Led Zep track erupts into life as Sari lets her vocals do the talking as this foot stomping rock n roll classic gets a make over with the boys as we end tonight on a real high as the band really digs deep. The guitar licks are just soaring as this classy beast brings the groove to Glasgow tonight as the band celebrates an institution with it’s nod to a real gem of our rock society. The bassline is dropping sweet, deep funking grooves that are letting us know that we have just witnessed something special inGlasgow tonight.

Sari Schorr –
                   Sari Schorr  –  Vocals
                   Ash Wilson  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals
                   Chris Cliff  –  Bass / Backing Vocals
                   Harry Bent  –  Drums

Setlist  –
            The Circle Is Complete
            The Distance
            Joyful Skies
            Ain’t Got No Money
            Demolition Man
            Ordinary Life
            Peace Of Mind
            Damn The Reason
            Aunt Hazel
            Highway 69
            Maybe I’m Foolin
            Black Betty
            I Just Wanna Make Love To You
            Rock N Roll

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