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The Karma Effect have been on a fast-track to success since they were formed in 2020. They are at the forefront of recent bands who, while looking back to the sounds of the seventies, have given that era a modern day production makeover to die for. They released their self-titled debut album in 2022 and were soon snapped up by Earache records on a four record deal. ‘Promised Land’ is the opening salvo from that amalgamation and I’m pleased to report that it’s an absolute belter of a record and is already receiving a lot of attention from both reviewers and peers.

I’ve seen the band live a couple of times in the last twelve months and on their recent outings they have introduced a number of songs from this album to their live set and the quality of these new releases was immediately evident to this listener. The whole band are incredibly tight and singer Henry Gotellier has a voice to die for. While he does have a touch of Paul Rodger’s about him at times, ultimately he has his own unique style and his vocal is just the icing on the cake as far as this band is concerned.

Onto the record itself, ‘Promised Land’ contains ten blues based Heavy Rock tunes with every song held within this collection being a highlight. All ten cuts are of the highest quality and the album as a whole is musically one of the best of the last twelve months as far as I’m concerned. Album opener and first single ‘Livin’ It Up’ will give you an idea of what to expect. It’s a catchy and immediate modern Rock/Blues song with a hint of Aerosmith in its D.N.A. and it was a wise choice as the opening cut from this record. ‘See You Again’ and ‘Wild Honey’ follow, with the former being exactly the kind of record you’d have expected to hear in a smokey dimly lit gin joint back in the day while the latter will surely shape up to be a live show favourite with its perfect build up to a huge chorus.

‘All Night Long’ continues with the good times vibe that layers this entire record and is best described as both exuberant and joyous. The twin guitar work across the entire album is pitch perfect but when things slow down as they do on ‘’Still Falling For You’, the keyboards and piano take over to produce what is probably my favourite song on the entire album. This is a song for the ages and is probably the finest record this band have produced so far. Utter perfection. ‘Promised Land’ is the most recent single release from this collection and is the most densely layered song on display, with a lyric that discusses finding escape from the worries of real life through the power of music.

‘Be My Salvation’ is another heartfelt song and proves to me that The Karma Effect are now at the forefront of the new modern day Rock and Blues movement, right alongside the likes of The Damn Truth and Bad Touch. ‘Come To Life’ and ‘Nine Times’ keep this train rolling and album closer ‘Better Days’ hits us with the twin barrel assault of a thunderous back line combined with a powerful twin guitar/powerhouse vocal attack.

In conclusion, this is a fantastic sophomore effort from a band who seem to have everything required to succeed at the highest level. They will be hitting the Festival circuit this Summer so there is no excuse not to get out to see them in the flesh, but in the meantime make sure you buy this record, you won’t regret it.


Henry Gotellier – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Robbie Blake – Guitar

Seb Emmins – Keyboard and Vocals

Liam Quinn – Bass Guitar

Ash Powell – Drums and vocals


1. Livin’ It Up

2. See You Again

3. Wild Honey

4. All Night Long

5. Still Falling For You

6. Promised Land

7. Be My Salvation

8. Come To Life

9. Nine Times

10. Better Days

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