“Resilience Resonance: FM’s ‘Old Habits Die Hard’ Album Review

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Review By Glen Parkes

FM celebrates four decades of music with their latest offering, “Old Habits Die Hard,” marking a significant milestone in their illustrious career. Despite facing setbacks due to personal challenges, including keyboardist Jem Davis’ battle with cancer and the untimely passing of founding guitarist Chris Overland, FM perseveres to deliver an album that resonates with the essence of their classic sound while exploring new musical territories.

The album opens with the captivating “Out of the Blue,” a track infused with echoes of Toto and Foreigner, setting the stage for a journey through FM’s diverse sonic landscape. Tracks like “No Easy Way Out” and “Whatever It Takes” showcase the band’s signature melodic prowess, reminiscent of their earlier classics, while songs like “Lost” and “Leap of Faith” delve into heavier, more introspective themes without sacrificing catchy choruses.

“Black Water” stands out as a brooding, bluesy gem, featuring a mesmerizing guitar solo reminiscent of Brian May’s iconic style, a testament to guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick’s virtuosity. Meanwhile, tracks like “California” and “Blue Sky Mind” offer a lighter, more uplifting vibe, serving as a reminder of the band’s versatility and ability to craft infectious, feel-good anthems.

Each track on “Old Habits Die Hard” is a testament to FM’s enduring musical legacy. From the infectious melodies to the poignant lyrics, the album is a celebration of life’s triumphs and challenges. With Jem Davis’ personal journey reflected in the closing track, “Blue Sky Mind,” FM delivers a message of hope and perseverance that resonates long after the final chord fades away.

“Old Habits Die Hard” is a testament to FM’s musical evolution, showcasing their ability to overcome adversity and continue creating timeless rock anthems. Fans both old and new will find solace and inspiration in this remarkable album, reaffirming FM’s rightful place among the legends of British rock.

Track Listing

  1. Out of the Blue (4.21)
  2. Don’t Need Another Heartache (4.35)
  3. .No Easy Way Out (3.54)
  4. .Lost (5.20)
  5. Whatever It Takes (4.37)
  6. .Black Water (4.52)
  7. .Cut Me Loose (4.34)
  8. .Leap of Faith (4.05)
  9. .California (5.17)
  10. Another Day in My World (4.14)
  11. Blue Sky Mind (5.06)

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