“Rising Stars: A Recap of Metal 2 the Masses Semi-Final at Leo’s Red Lion”

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Review and Images By Kit Foster

On the 20th of April, Leo’s Red Lion in Gravesend played host to an electrifying night of metal mayhem as five bands battled it out in the Metal 2 the Masses semi-final. plus a guest band for each semi-final’ The stakes were high, with a coveted spot on the ‘New Blood’ stage at Bloodstock Festival hanging in the balance for the eventual victor.

Kicking off the night with a bang were Drones, an alternative metalcore outfit whose performance set the bar high for the evening. Fronted by the formidable Rosie, whose vocals drew comparisons to the likes of The Pretty Reckless, Drones wasted no time in captivating the audience with their raw energy and impeccable musicianship.

Despite the pressure of opening the competition, Drones delivered a flawless set, showcasing heavy lows and intricate guitar work courtesy of Evie Carter-Sheen and Mat Nowacki. Drummer Jack Twyman’s lightning-fast beats added a relentless intensity to the performance, while bassist Kris White commanded the stage with her undeniable talent and commanding presence.

What truly sets Drones apart, however, is their commitment to their image and stage presence. From their meticulously curated wardrobe to the consistent makeup artistry of Connie Dean, this is a band that understands the importance of presentation as much as they do their music. With each performance, Drones continues to evolve and refine their craft, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and judges alike.

The culmination of their hard work and dedication was met with raucous cheers from the crowd as Drones secured their spot in the finals. The outpouring of local support further solidified their status as one of Kent’s most promising acts, leaving fans eager to see what the future holds for this dynamic band.

As the night came to a close, one thing was clear: Drones had proven themselves as true contenders in the metal scene, and their journey is only just beginning. With their talent, drive, and unwavering passion for their craft, there’s no doubt that Drones is a band destined for greatness.

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