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Review By Darren McIntyre

Laura McNamara aka LYRA is a singer / songwriter / multi – instrumentalist from Bandon, County Cork, Ireland who came to our attention in 2016 with the release of her debut EP W.I.L.D. in 2016. LYRA gained most of her recognition through her single Emerald which showcased on RTE Drama Striking Out, Emerald has also been used on Teen Wolf, The X Factor & The Only Way Is Essex, LYRA has appeared at festivals The Great Escape, Music Cork, Latitude & Electric Picnic and she releases her debut album LYRA, to follow the release she is going on tour and will take in Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff & London so please sit back as I walk us through this journey through the mind of Ireland’s LYRA .

America – Electro tones flow effortlessly through the intro as the soulful vocals let this track burst into life as the pulsing grooves really grab you and let us feel the beat come for us. The melodic track really allows LYRA to bring her lyrics to life as we tap our toes to this electro filled groove track that takes us off to another time and place as we capture the soulful mellow beats that are coming through this sampler track that just grabs your attention.

Drink Me Up – The vocals are a real sultry mix that just captures the essence of this captivating artist as she drives this piano laden beat through and just leaves us wondering. The sampler tones are wrapping themselves around this drum punching piece as the energy oozes from the whole arrangement as the groove pulses and lets us feel the depth coming at us through this haunting arrangement as we just allow ourselves to be transported to another place with these colossal vocals that just deliver on every level.
You – A deep pounding bass kick ripples through the intro as the soaring electro grooves really give this track depth and direction as we feel the sultry vocals rip open the tempo of this foot tapping groover. The haunting vocals are sharp with a real energy that just lets you feel the symphonic tone that is flowing effortlessly through this killer beat that is building and building as we get to grips with this soaring songstress as she really catches our attention.

All Over Now – A piano intro is wandering through the intro as the synth beats take over and let the punchy tones bring this track to life as we get all funky and start grooving. The vocals are just sharp with tone and a real intensity that just bursts from every note that is letting this electro groover take us to another time as we feel the symphonic melodies really grab our attention. The backing vocals really add depth to this electric beat driven number.

I’ll Always Be The One – Pulsing tones ooze towards us as the deep sampler groove just crashes through and lets LYRA let her vocals do the talking. The intro of soaring synth beats just awakens our senses as we tap our toes to this pulsing, fist pumping beat that just allows us to hit the floor and feel the energy flowing effortlessly through this fantastic track as the sensual tones wrap themselves around us as the track builds with every note that is driving through this fantastic vocal driven number as LYRA delivers a faultless tone.

Chess – The tone is a real stop start tone as the deep sampler notes ripple into the track as the mesmerising vocals leave their mark on this punchy toe tapping beat. The haunting tones are taking us to somewhere new as we let the funky groove tell it’s own story as the sweet funky tones let themselves bring a punchy tone to the proceedings as we just lose ourselves in the swirling vocals that are soulful and really capture the musician in all her rawness.

Love Me – Piano notes are letting this emotion filled track come to life as we get incredible moving vocals that are just soothing and really grab your attention. The epic piano notes are joined by a punchy rhythm section that hits us with a bass kick that just takes this track to another place as the deep tones just kick through and let these fantastic vocals drive this track forward as the punchy beat just builds and builds with every note that is wrapping itself around these soaring vocals as they take this track up a notch or two.

Falling – A sweet electro groove wanders freely through the intro as the soaring soulful vocals take this track up a notch or two as we feel the energy oozing from this awesome piece of music. The tone flowing through this album is a real electro infused beat that just lets LYRA concentrate on delivering a soaring vocal assault that just lets us feel the electro infusion drive itself through this fantastic arrangement as the colossal backing vocals really let the groove come at us, the track has a nice theatrical feel to it as the composition just builds and builds.

Queen – The tone shifts up a gear or two as this oozing electro groover releases a pulsing beat that just grabs our attention as the swirling sampler tones really elevate this composition. The mesmerising vocals are just telling their own story as this captivating musician really lets this track bring depth, swagger and a symphonic feel to this toe tapping sampler driven track as we just dig the tone. The whole arrangement is just building as we feel the intensity ripping through this classy piece.

Naked – Dark foot tapping sultry tones are coming at us as a nice stringed section builds over a colossal sampler groove that just makes you want to get up and boogie. This is a real funk laden piece that just tingles all the senses as the smouldering vocals really kick in the doors and let this incredible tone deliver a fist pumping groove that makes this a real stand out track that just catches us off guard as we really get the groove as it wraps itself around us from the off, pulsing grooves, insane lyrics and colossal tones make this a sure fire winner.

Loved By U – PIano tones are pouring through the intro as the smoldering dark vocals really let this track come to life as we get the whole picture from this incredible artist. The sampler beats just take this track to another place as the intensity returns and lets LYRA deliver a thought provoking number that has emotion attached to it as the whole arrangement really take us by surprise and then some, the classy vocals are delivering all that we need and more.

Lovers – Synth tones are building as the smooth piano notes let the groove come for us as the killer beats erupt and burst into life as we feel the energy grab us. The soaring vocals are smooth, sultry and really take the listener on a sonic journey of electro pulsing tones that are just on the money, this is a real energy zapping track that will have you dropping shapes all over the dancefloor for sure as this exciting musician really takes us to another place with the deep, tones that are grabbing us.

Someone New – Piano notes ripple from the off as the incredible vocals just elevate this soaring ballad style track to another level as we settle into the beat as LYRA just delivers on every level for sure. The killer backing vocals really wrap themselves around this haunting, deep track that is letting the emotion drive this track onwards, the punchy bass kicks are letting the beat break free as the soaring vocals just lift this track skywards and really showcase this incredible artist as she really kicks on with mesmerising vocals that are just incredible.

Edge Of Seventeen – LYRA takes on the Fleetwood classic and really gives it a makeover with pulsing electro vibes that make you get up and cut loose. The pulsing bass kicks are driving this disco infused groover onwards as the soaring vocals deliver with ease as this killer tone just crashes the party and really gives us the infectious tone that has bben flowing freely through this classic, classic see what I did there. The artist is putting a fresh spin on this epic arrangement as we get up and shake our bootie anf let all out inhibitions break free.

           LYRA  –  Vocals / All Instruments

Track Listing  –
                       Drink Me Up
                       All Over Now
                       I’ll Always Be The One
                       Love Me
                       Loved By U
                       Someone New
                       Edge Of Seventeen

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