“Rising Stars Solis A Recap of Metal 2 the Masses Semi-Final at Leo’s Red Lion”

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Review and Photos by Kit Foster

On the 20th of April, Leo’s Red Lion in Gravesend transformed into a cauldron of metal mayhem, hosting an electrifying night that reverberated with the promise of glory at the ‘New Blood’ stage of Bloodstock Festival. With the stakes set high, bands battled fiercely for the chance to claim this prestigious opportunity, and amidst the chaos, Solis emerged as a standout contender.

Taking the stage as the third act of the night, Solis wasted no time in unleashing a torrent of relentless heaviness that resonated with the essence of Bloodstock. From the first crushing chord to the final thunderous beat, their performance was a masterclass in pure, unadulterated metal. The air crackled with energy as the vocalist commanded the stage with an electrifying presence, bounding from one end to the other with an infectious zeal that drew the audience into their world.

What set Solis apart was not just their sheer heaviness, but their undeniable charisma and tight musicianship. Each member exuded a passion for their craft that was palpable, weaving a tapestry of sonic destruction that left no head unbanged. The tracks they delivered were a testament to their skill and dedication, showcasing a level of precision and intensity that seemed tailor-made for the Bloodstock stage.

Yet, despite their undeniable talent and the fervent support of the crowd, Solis faced disappointment as the judges delivered their verdict. While they may not have secured victory on this particular night, there is no denying the potential that burns within them. With the right opportunity and a bit more of a push, Solis could very well ascend the ranks of the metal scene and claim their rightful place among the elite.

As the echoes of their performance faded into the night, the air was charged with the promise of what could be. Solis may have been overlooked on this occasion, but their fiery spirit and unwavering determination serve as a testament to the enduring power of metal. And who knows? Perhaps their next conquest will lead them straight to the hallowed grounds of Bloodstock, where they will unleash their fury upon an even grander stage.

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