White Skies – New single from forth coming album

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Single release – If This Is It (Get Ready)

Date 10th May

Review by Linda McDermott

White Skies are a UK based rock band that have their feet firmly placed into melodic rock tunes and on Friday 10th May their brand-new single from their forth coming album is set to be released.


White Skies are:

Mick White – Lead Vocals

Ray Callcut – Guitars and vocals

Pete Lakin – Keyboards and vocals

Rob Naylor – Bass and vocals

Daz Lamberton – Drums and vocals

Following on from their critically acclaimed debut album, ‘Black Tide’, White Skies return with a roaring single, offering a glimpse into their highly anticipated second album. With their latest track, the band dives into a harder, more unapologetic sound, reflecting on the state of modern life with a rebellious attitude.

The song opens with a solid heavy guitar riff, immediately grabbing the listener’s attention. From the start, it’s evident that the band is not holding back; they’re here to make a statement. The pounding drums and gritty bass line provide a great foundation for the raw energy that drives the track forward.

Lyrically, the song captures a sense of defiance and rebellion. The band’s message is clear: in a world that often feels suffocating and overwhelming, they refuse to be dragged down by it all. What they are saying is, ‘if this is what life has become, then here’s my middle finger to it all’ and it’s this that encapsulate the sentiment of the song saying that they are pushing back against societal expectations and embracing personal freedom and having fun. It’s an anthem for those who refuse to conform and choose to live life on their own terms.

Intentional or not, to me there is an undercurrent running through the song of Chris Cornell, both musically and vocally. The influence of the Audio Slave frontman comes across in Mick’s voice, especially if you think of the Bond theme, ‘You Know My Name’, this adds a layer of nostalgia for me. Mick’s delivery is reminiscent of Cornell’s powerful and soulful vocals, capturing the same intensity and emotion that made him a legend.

Throughout the song, the band showcases their musical skills, seamlessly blending hard-hitting riffs with melodic hooks. Each instrument contributes to the overall energy of the track making it worthy of a listen.

Overall, the band’s latest single is a testament to their growth and evolution as artists. They’ve embraced a slightly heavier sound while maintaining the essence of what makes them unique. They’ve delivered a powerful anthem for anyone who refuses to be held back by the constraints of society. If this track is any indication, their second album is sure to be a force to be reckoned with. Look out for it on the 10th of May.

The guys are touring up and down the UK so check out those dates and get yourself along.


Facebook https://www.facebook.com/whiteskiesband

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whiteskiesband?igsh=Z2tlOXM2a3FieDgz

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