Single Review: Callas – “Days”

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Exploring the Depths of Existence Through Sonic Catharsis

Callas emerges as a bold and cathartic force in the realm of post-rock and experimental metal with their latest single , “Days,” with the ep set to release on July 26th. Comprised of seasoned musicians Dom Murphy, Cormac Shanely, Ruairi Lynch, and Evan Prendergast, Callas brings together a wealth of experience and talent to push the boundaries of heavy and experimental music. Hailing from Ireland, Callas crafts a dreamlike journey “Days” captivates us with its chilling, spine-tingling soundscape that seem to emanate from another dimension.

The EP that will be out soon and this will be the title track, “Days,” serves as a introduction to Callas’ universe. Accompanied by a visually striking music video, the song sets the tone for the EP’s ambient soundscape, which is both heavy and otherworldly. It’s a masterful fusion of light and dark, featuring textures that draw from a diverse array of influences

“Days” by Callas shows the band’s artistic vision and prowess. With Dom Murphy’s emotive vocals leading the charge, backed by the intricate instrumentation of Shanely, Lynch, and Prendergast, Callas delivers an single that is as immersive as it is captivating. the track invites listeners to embark on a profound journey exploring the complexities of the human experience .

Callas is:

Dom Murphy – Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Cormac Shanley – Bass
Ruairi Lynch – Guitars/Production
Evan Prendergast – Drums

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