Lip Critic’s ‘Hex Dealer’: An Eclectic Journey Through Sonic Chaos

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Review By Glen Parkes

Lip Critic’s debut album ‘Hex Dealer,’ set to release on May 17 via Partisan Records, is a sonic rollercoaster that defies categorization and embraces experimentation. With influences ranging from electronic punk to hardcore and everything in between, Lip Critic delivers a frenetic yet cohesive collection of tracks that push the boundaries of genre and style.

The album opens with the monochrome desperation of “It’s The Magic,” setting the tone for a journey filled with extreme hues of emotion and danceable mania. From the hopeful arpeggios of “The Heart” to the junglist lament of “Death Lurking,” each track on ‘Hex Dealer’ offers a unique sonic experience that keeps listeners on their toes.

Produced in collaboration by vocalist Bret Kaser and Connor Kleitz, the album is a raw patchwork of iPhone recordings, free VST samplers, and synths, resulting in a sound that is both raw and maximalist. Drummers Danny Eberle and Ilan Natter combine breakbeats and heavy cymbals with electronic elements, creating a singular mixture of classic punk/hardcore and modern styles.

Lip Critic’s live performances are legendary for their freewheeling experimentation, and ‘Hex Dealer’ captures that energy perfectly. With its theatricality and thematic curiosity, the album maintains a feverish intensity throughout, slipping between radio advertisement-style excitement, downtrodden crooning, and hardcore shouts and growls.

Thematically, ‘Hex Dealer’ delves into the state of the spiritual marketplace and the isolating results of consumption. The album’s lyrics often focus on the body and its interaction with external objects, offering a surreal and thought-provoking exploration of modern existence.

Overall, ‘Hex Dealer’ is a bold and ambitious debut from Lip Critic—a band unafraid to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of sonic experimentation. With its eclectic mix of influences and genre-defying sound, this album is sure to captivate audiences and establish Lip Critic as one of the most exciting acts to emerge from the NYC music scene.

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