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Review By Darren McIntyre

Troy Redfern is undoubtedely the king of the slide guitar who has certainly showed us that he deserves the recognition bestowed upon him recently. Last year saw him hit the road with the likes of The Sweet, When Rivers Meet, The Quireboys & Robert Jon & The Wreck to name but a few.

Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed album Wings Of Salvation & his winning HRH’s Blues Artist Of The Year & appearances at Steelhouse, Maid Of Stone & RAWA Blues Festival. Troy has given us The Fire Cosmic in 2021, Wings Of Salvation in 2022 and has been busy touring the country delivering a masterclass in slide guitar with his gravelly vocals that have made him hot property in the blues rock department. Troy has given us singles The Strange, Getaway, The Fever and  The Calling from his soon to be released new album Invocation, please sit back and grab a cold one as I bring us the blistering new single Van Helsing that will just rip the doors clean off.

Van Helsing – The resonater gets this killer track off the ground before a rousing gritty guitar shred tears through the opening of this colossal new offering. A real deep funk laden bassline drops in and really gets the juices flowing as Keira really kicks in with a cool groove that is draped in a pounding rhythm section that is handing us a solid snare drum beat that controls the track from the engine room.

The whole arrangement is a real step up with a beefier riff and a solid on point engine room that just brings it, we have the queen of bass Keira bringing the funk with her epic finger work that just allows Troy to step forward and just offload with his rasping gravelly vocals that fit this composition perfectly as we feel the energy pulsing through the whole track. Troy is working hard to deliver a real rocking gritty track that just ticks all the boxes for sure, a meaty guitar driven monster that really brings the noise and then some.

Troy Redfern  –
                       Troy Redferm  –  Guitar ./  Vocals
                       Dave Marks  –  Bass  /  Keys  / Percussion
                       Paul Stewart  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      Van Helsing

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