‘You’re What I Need’ by JENNY DON’T AND THE SPURS

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New Single by US Country Western/Garage/Cowpunk Group Out 16.05.24

Review By Glen Parkes

The latest single from JENNY DON’T AND THE SPURS, “You’re What I Need,” is a tantalizing preview of their upcoming album set to release on June 14, 2024. This track marks the third song teased from the album, and it showcases the band’s unique blend of country western, garage rock, and cowpunk.

Jenny Don’t’s voice is the highlight of this single—heart-melting, authentic, and immensely appealing. Her delivery is captivating, reminiscent of the charm she displayed in “Be The Only One,” a track that left listeners swooning and falling in love. In “You’re What I Need,” Jenny’s vocals shine with a raw and emotional depth that draws you in from the first note.

The instrumental arrangement complements Jenny’s vocals perfectly. Christopher March’s lead guitar and lap steel guitar work add a rich, twangy texture that is both nostalgic and refreshing. Kelly Halliburton’s bass provides a solid, driving rhythm, while Buddy Weeks’ drums and percussion infuse the track with an infectious energy. Together, they create a sound that is both modern and rooted in classic country traditions.

This single is poised to be the soundtrack to those timeless moments of life’s simple pleasures—a bottle, a hardwood floor, and a willing partner. It’s all toe-tappin’, finger-clickin’ fun that promises to leave a lasting impression.

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