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new album
out 07.06.24

includes the single
also on nine track remix EP
out 24.05.24

As so often in their long and storied career, Clan Of Xymox have picked the perfect moment for their eagerly awaited return. ‘Exodus’, their 18th studio album, showcases the strengths and virtues of the dark wave and goth scene leaders. Three years after the eerily echoing ‘Limbo’, an account of the pandemic and its consequences, wave wizard Ronny Moorings returns to the scene of the crime, but this time he offers a black bouquet of mournful requiems for a sick new world that also serve as elegies for the new status quo.

Four decades since their inception, Moorings and his band remain beacons of tragic elegance and morbid tristesse, spearheads of a scene that has recently attracted the attention of a much younger generation seeking to express their angst and pain through music. ‘Exodus’ offers ten new anthems of exquisite darkness and is yet another masterpiece packed with yearning melodies, brooding vocals, heavily reverbed guitars and hypnotic drums.

Dancing towards the abyss (but at least we’re dancing) in a world where all hope seems lost as yet another evil tiding of biblical proportions is thrust upon us, sometimes all that is left is to succumb to the music. A darkly spellbinding exodus towards catharsis, ‘Exodus’ contains some of the deepest, darkest songs that Moorings has crafted in many years, nodding back to late ’80s contemporaries such as The Cure but also pointing directly towards the (no) future. There simply is no other way to bleed all his sorrow, anger and weltschmerz into his mournful music. Not because the world will necessarily be a better place, but simply because it is the only way for him to cope with the brutal insanity otherwise known as everyday life

‘Exodus’ is not an album for dreamers, but neither is it the stuff of nightmares, despite the dark shadows lurking beneath the surface. Rather, it is a gateway for all who acknowledge these dark days and yet refuse to give up completely, encouraging its listeners to sing these nocturnal lullabies together and dance while we still have a floor or platform to do so. We can do nothing else.

1  Save Our Souls (Album Version)
2  Fear For A World At War
3  The Afterglow
4  I Can See Miles Across
5  We Are Who We Are
6  Blood Of Christ
7  X-Odus
8  Arcanus
9  I Always Feel The Same
10  Once Upon A Time

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