Stay For Tomorrow Rocks the Scene with “Crushing Down”

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Stay For Tomorrow, the energetic four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland, is set to make waves with their latest single “Crushing Down,” dropping on May 31, 2024. Known for their explosive sound and passionate performances, Stay For Tomorrow consists of Joe MacFarlane (vocals and rhythm guitar), Nic Holson (lead guitar), Sean Priestley (drums), and Gabriel Almazan (bass). Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Twin Atlantic, Biffy Clyro, and Foo Fighters, Stay For Tomorrow continues to build their own unique presence in the alt-rock scene.

A Journey Through the Years

Formed in 2018, Stay For Tomorrow quickly became a staple in the Fife music scene with their debut single “Kings and Queens” in 2019. Following this, they released several successful singles, including “Rumours” and “Criminal.” By 2021, they had added “I Don’t Need You To Save Me,” “Non Applicable (Na Na),” and “The One” to their growing discography. In 2022, they further solidified their reputation with “Prison Living” and “Lipstick Lips.” The band then re-released a new version of “Kings and Queens” in 2023, which was featured on their compilation album “The Story So Far.”

The single “Always You” marked a significant turning point for the band, achieving record airplay and streaming numbers. Their subsequent release, “Pick Me Up,” continued this upward trajectory, particularly during their third mini English tour.

Making a Mark on the Music Scene

Stay For Tomorrow’s impressive resume includes supporting renowned acts like Inglorious, Massive Wagons, Who Saves The Hero?, and Anchor Lane. They have also graced the stages of iconic Scottish venues such as King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, The Mash House, and PJ Molloys. Their festival appearances at Bonfest, Winterstorm, and ButeFest have further cemented their status in the Scottish rock scene. The band’s talent and hard work were recognized at The Lowlands Music Awards 2023, where they won Best Music Video for “Lipstick Lips” and were nominated for Best Rock Act.

“Crushing Down” – A Powerful New Release

The highly anticipated single “Crushing Down” promises to be a hard-hitting anthem that delves into the struggle of facing inner demons and the feeling of being overwhelmed by life’s pressures. With roaring guitars, growling bass, thunderous drums, and fierce vocals, Stay For Tomorrow has crafted a song that will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever felt the weight of the world bearing down upon them.

In their own words, the band aims to voice unspoken struggles and provide a platform for listeners to scream out in anguish alongside them. “I’ve held on for too long and now the weight is crushing down on me!” captures the essence of the song’s powerful message and emotional intensity.

Looking Ahead

As Stay For Tomorrow prepares to release “Crushing Down” across all streaming platforms on May 31, 2024, fans can pre-save the single on Spotify and stream it on SoundCloud. With more shows planned for 2024, including their first English tours, the future looks incredibly bright for Stay For Tomorrow.

Stay tuned and watch this space—Stay For Tomorrow is a band that’s not just on the rise, but one that’s ready to take the alt-rock world by storm.

Stream “Crushing Down” on Soundcloud here

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