Bison Hip: Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life

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Review by Darren McIntyre

Introduction to Bison Hip

Bison Hip, a rock/blues/country quintet from Glasgow, emerged from a chance meeting and subsequent Zoom calls that brought these five talented musicians together. What’s unique about this band is that, except for the sprightly forty-year-old Steven, the members are all over fifty. This age diversity contributes to their seasoned sound. They have previously gifted us with the EP Dear Green’s & Blues and their powerful album Older, Stronger, Better. Known for playing gigs across the country, Bison Hip is eager to reach new fans with their latest release. On May 17th, they delivered their brand-new album Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life, featuring the single “Parasite,” which I reviewed back in April. Grab a cold one and join me as I delve into this colossal new offering.

Track-by-Track Review

Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
The album opens with a classy, sludgy guitar riff that pairs perfectly with gravelly vocals, creating a powerful blues-rock atmosphere. A deep, punchy bass kick complements a solid snare drum beat, while Hammond-style keys crash the party, adding to the track’s depth. This opener picks up where Older, Stronger, Better left off, showcasing the band’s ability to light up the blues music scene with songs full of depth, swagger, and soul.

Continuing the momentum, “Parasite” kicks off with a punchy, foot-tapping rock and roll vibe. Paul’s soulful vocals guide the track, accompanied by deep pulsing basslines and keys that add a funky feel. Clean guitar licks erupt throughout, telling a compelling story as crisp tones flow effortlessly. The tempo shifts, with Paul’s melodic vocals leading the groove through a softer, soulful beat, demonstrating the band’s dynamic range.

The Money
This track offers a soulful, bluesy groove with classy keys and a slow-paced rock and roll blues tempo. Mellow funk tones and smooth guitar licks weave through the arrangement, creating a fun, engaging beat. The rhythm section’s simple but effective groove and the crisp guitar work make this track a standout, showcasing Bison Hip’s ability to create a captivating, soulful atmosphere.

“Surrender” features a solid rhythm section with a foot-stomping beat and gravelly blues vocals. Sweet, crisp guitar licks and slick keys drive this deep blues eruption. The band’s performance is tighter, crisper, and bluesier, with soulful grooves and a punchy rhythm section. This track exudes swagger and confirms the band’s elevated game.

The Bullfighter
A smooth, soulful opening instantly puts listeners at ease, with mellow tones and blues-style vocals wrapping around this toe-tapping ballad. Classy keys and a solid rhythm section, including snare drum beats and cymbal snaps, give the arrangement a breathy, melodic quality. The sweet guitar licks and mellow tones make this track a soulful, captivating experience.

Start A Fire
“Start A Fire” opens with a punchy, cymbal-driven groove and a snare drum beat that brings the track to life. The keys play a prominent role, complemented by soulful vocals and a dynamic rhythm section. This foot-stomping blues track builds intensity with each note, showcasing the band’s high energy and well-crafted arrangements.

Blues For The Unforgiven
A slow blues-driven riff introduces this keys-laden number, featuring a mellow groove and snare drum punches. Deep, soulful basslines and mellow blues vocals give the track depth and attitude. Clean guitar licks weave through the arrangement, creating a dark, moody blues epic that feels like a live performance in a cool blues club.

Still Something Left In The Tank
This track features a sweet, punchy intro with epic Hammond-style keys and a toe-tapping beat. Mellow vocals and a classy funk-laden groove create a bluesy, acoustic piece perfect for dancing. The tempo changes pace, with a dark bassline and sweet keys elevating the arrangement. This track exemplifies the band’s ability to create engaging, dynamic blues music.

Don’t Follow Me Down
A punchy, full-on groove with meaty bass kicks and cymbal snaps introduces this track. Gritty guitar riffs and killer vocals add depth and swagger. The epic keys throughout create a toe-tapping blues vibe, confirming Bison Hip’s prowess in crafting well-written, engaging tracks.

Acoustic notes and mellow vocals bring this deep blues track to life, evoking the atmosphere of a dark, smokey blues club. The groove is deliciously mellow, with harmonica notes adding to the toe-tapping blues feel. This track showcases the band’s ability to create a deep, soulful groove, taking listeners on a journey.

Take It Out On Me
The album closes with mellow Hammond-style keys and a snare drum kick. Deep, pulsing basslines and a funk-laden groove wrap around this blues beast. Full of bluesy vocals and a strong arrangement, this track leaves listeners wanting more from this extraordinary five-piece band.

Band Members

  • Paul Sloway – Vocals
  • John Gilmour Smith – Guitars
  • Graeme Carswell – Bass
  • Steven Radziwonik – Keys
  • Malcolm Button – Drums

Track Listing

  1. Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
  2. Parasite
  3. The Money
  4. Surrender
  5. The Bullfighter
  6. Start A Fire
  7. Blues For The Unforgiven
  8. Still Something Left In The Tank
  9. Don’t Follow Me Down
  10. Grateful
  11. Take It Out On Me

Bison Hip has truly outdone themselves with Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life. This album is a testament to their ability to blend blues, rock, and country into a compelling, soulful sound that captivates from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this musical journey—check out Bison Hip and let their bluesy grooves take you to new heights.

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