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Review By Darren McIntyre

Grand Slam are a 4 piece rock band formed in 1984 by Phil Lynott after the break up of his earlier ensemble Thin Lizzy. Grand Slam were active for a year before the death of Phil Lynott in 1986, the band reformed in 2016 when founding member Laurence Archer wanted to bring the authentic feel of good old fashioned rock n roll back to the masses. The boys released album Hit The Ground in 2019 to rave reviews from media & press alike, this has led to many festival appearances in Sweden, Rock & Blues Custom Show, Golden Age Rock Festival. The boys are currently working on new material and continue to tour extensively throughout the UK & Europe. The boys dropped the first single from the album Wheel Of Fortune due out on the 7th June, There Goes My Heart and follow that with this rock n roll juggernaut Spitfire which I will be reviewing for you right now.

Spitfire – The track has a spoken intro that introduces the famous Spitfire airplane before this absolute beast erupts into life with a shredding guitar lick that is wrapped in the rhythm section as Benjy kicks in the doors with a real solid beat that lets this monster breathe. Mike comes in with monsterous vocals that are just steering this juggernaut down the road as the boys bring us a real banger track, the solid funking bassline is dropping epic grooves that allow this killer track to really grab our attention as the boys cut loose and bring us a fantastic well written monster groove that has all the boys bringing their vocals to this killer number. Laurence steps forward and delivers a sweet melodic guitar lick that stops us in our tracks as we feel the rawness, energy and pulsing grooves smash us right in the face.

Grand Slam  –

Mike Dyer  –  Lead Vocals
Laurence Archer  –  Guitar / Backing Vocals
Rocky Newton  –  Bass
Benjy Reid  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

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