Moskito – A band with bite

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G.R.I.M. Deluxe EP

Review and Photographs by Linda McDermott

Every now and then, a band comes along and just blows you away with their sound and/or their stage presence. It’s happened to me a few times lately with the likes of She Burns Red, The Hot One Two and Black Lakes, who I think all have something special to offer. On this occasion the band is Moskito, a hard hitting no nonsense in your face band, that have knocked me sideways with their energetic music. Having first seen them at the Rockmantic Weekender in Grimsby I was blown away by how different they were to anything else I’d seen in a long time. With their influences coming from everything from Biffy Clyro, Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Marilyn Manson to Black Sabbath, Slipknot, The Prodigy, Frank Carter and AC/DC, it’s no wonder they have come up with a fusion of sounds that just work in creating something special.

Jake Rudd – Lead Vocalist

Will Rudd – Bass Guitar

Joe Desmond – Guitar

Sam Beck – Guitar

Drew Moore – Drums

This year sees them releasing a deluxe version of their G.R.I.M. EP and what an EP it is! If you want to discover your next favourite band and you like your rock music to have a punky edge and some oomph under its belt, well, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed with the powerful dark songs from Moskito.

G.R.I.M. was first released last year but on the deluxe version they have added live versions of the songs plus a new track, ‘Charming Boy’. The songs give you a glimpse into what it’s like to see them live, but seeing the band in the flesh is a totally unique experience, which for me is just phenomenal. It’s very difficult to describe their stage presence, but I totally recommend that if you get the chance to see them play, you go, because once you’ve been immersed in the atmosphere of the Moskito boys you won’t forget it. Jake, Will, Joe, Sam and Drew have got that special something that is accomplished and skilled and deserving of big venues and once you’ve seen them, I think you’ll agree.

‘Killing Joke’, has to be my favourite track, with its driving beat that has a Marilyn Manson feel about it. It has a great pulse all the way through and with verses that build up to a great chorus full of attitude, what’s not to like.

‘Loser’, has a similar beat running through the background of this song, but it has a totally different feel to it. Jake has a knack of bringing a different mood to their songs with angst and tone.

‘Clinomania’, is the most ‘in yer face’ track on the EP and its unyielding pace builds to a frenzy that is worthy of a mosh pit.

‘Thrill Seeker’ with its haunting opening verse and highly charged lyrics about a serial killer, grabs you right from the start, and before long, you are singing back the chorus of ‘la da da, la da, la da, la la la la, look away, know one will know, call a Moskito’.

‘Charming Boy’, the only new song to feature on the EP Deluxe, it has a different feel to it, more Artic Monkeys than Marilyn Manson but it’s a cracker of a track.

This EP is one for your collection, and one you’ll be recommending to your friends. It’s on repeat in my house, in the car and on my headphones, and if that doesn’t tell you how much I rate this band, nothing will.

I was lucky enough to catch them playing at the Call of the Wild Festival at the end of May, and they didn’t disappoint, I still get the same feeling watching and listening to them that I got when I first saw them play at the Rockmantic Weekender last year. Go find Moskito, they have a great buzz about them. Just remember, it’s Moskito with a K, because they’re edgy!


Killing Joke

Thrill Seeker

G.R.I.M. (live at Safe Haven Studios)



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