Boneripper – ‘World Ablaze’

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Groove Metal

Independent Release

Release Date – May 24th 2024

Review By Smudge

Kicking, punching and spitting out of the Netherlands come the wonderfully named Boneripper. Formed out of the ashes of Manu Amarta, 13 Steps and Bladecrusher they knocked out a single and a full album last year, so this is their sophomore effort.

Opening with a spoken word track backed by some vicious guitar and punchy drums, the voice sounds a lot like Hugh Bonneville – posh clipped, almost 50’s BBC announcer which is juxtaposed by the aural battering you get from ‘The Abyss’ where the band literally bash the living shyte out of whatever they’re playing plus they give it large on the gang-like vocals. This is in your face fuck-you metal of the highest order! ‘Desolated’ brings a bit more groove but it’s still brutal hardcore at its heart then ‘Fear Of Death’ tries to rip your face off and ‘Mental Warfare’ kicks you square in the nuts continually for two and a half minutes. Is it weird that I enjoyed that? Things ease up of the foreboding interlude of ‘Forever’ before the raging ‘Xenophobic’ brings us back to ‘normality’ with another oozing slice of hardcore then we get the crossover ‘Hate Is Hollow’ and the metallic ‘Rise Back Up’ before the heavy grind intro of ‘Beyond Redemption’ skips into a thunderous hardcore anthem.

Crikey this is fast and heavy, and you better believe that Boneripper are serious about what they do. All the fat has been trimmed. There’s no unnecessary overlong lead breaks or other solo’s, it’s all straight for the throat and once it gets a grip there’s no letting go. Get this but be warned I accept no responsibility for whatever happens to you afterwards.

Track List –

1 – Final Warning

2 – The Abyss

3 – Desolated

4 – Fear Of Death

5 – Mental Warfare

6 – Forever

7 – Xenophobic

8 – Hate Is Hollow

9 – Rise Back Up

10 – Beyond Redemption

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