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Written by Flynn Herondale

Allman Brown returns with his third album ‘Second Son’, set to be released this June 28th (2024) by NETTWERK.

Led by single Far Away and starting track My Ordinary Life, the album is a daydreamy summer evening holding Allman’s hand, as he tells you his stories of life, love and loss. It really does feel like Allman is singing just for you! Hong Kong born, London based singer-songwriter Allman’s calm tone, with just a hint of Benson Boone (Beautiful Things) rasp, draws you in and his lyrics captivate you until the last note.

There are so many influences and comparisons to be found throughout the album. Duran Duran, Brian Adams and Ah Ha, are just a few flavors peppered throughout. There are more modern influences here also; such as the aforementioned Benson Boone, Jack Savoretti and Paolo Nutini. The combinations of acoustic folk rhythms, alongside 80’s inspired synth create a vintage yet fresh theme running throughout. There are so many wonderful tracks to absorb here, but Bewildered is certainly a hidden gem, single material in its own right, alongside Far Away.

The stories being told here are deeply personal yet offered as a gift to the listener. You can hear the joy in Allman’s delivery of being able to share these words of love and thanks to his relationships; be that with his Mother, wife and children, or even his fans. This album is a love letter to all those who have helped him journey to the point he has reached. As Allman himself has said:

It’s about my life so far and the love I feel for my wife and children and how they are quite simply the reason I’m alive. They are my purpose.”

There’s a definite sense that Allman is about to launch off of this album and into a new level of success, and this is his dedication of thanks and gratitude. The cover art reflects this also; Allman stands, feet planted firmly and yet relaxed, facing the camera as if to say: ‘I’m here, I’m ready, that’s where I came from, now let’s get going on to the next chapter.’ If Allman’s next chapter is anything like this album, he’s set to reach new heights in no time!

Be on the lookout for unheard tracks 1984 and Sunlight and Cinnamon this June, when the album releases!

Written by Flynn Herondale

June 2024

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