ANGELICA GARCIA – ‘Gemelo’ [Partisan Records]: A Bold Exploration of Identity and Heritage

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Review By Halina Wegner

Los Angeles’ pop experimentalist Angélica Garcia’s latest album, ‘Gemelo’, released on June 7 via Partisan Records, is a compelling journey into the depths of cultural and personal identity. Produced by Carlos Arévalo of Chicano Batman, ‘Gemelo’ was crafted over a month and a half in Virginia, where Garcia found a renewed artistic vision that defies cultural boundaries and the linguistic constraints of American music.

‘Gemelo’—meaning ‘Twin’ in English—is a landmark album for Garcia, representing her first project predominantly in Spanish and delving into profound themes of heritage, spirituality, and womanhood. Garcia describes the process as being akin to “getting dropped into ice water,” a jarring yet liberating experience that allowed her to confront and deconstruct aspects of her identity.

The tracks on ‘Gemelo’ reflect Garcia’s exploration and self-realization. From the introspective “Reflexiones” to the deeply emotional “Color De Dolor” and the culturally resonant “Juanita,” each song is a testament to her journey. The haunting “Ángel [eterna]” and the liberating “Y Grito” showcase her range both musically and thematically. “El Que” stands out with its extended playtime, providing a profound and immersive experience. The bilingual track “Gemini” bridges her cultural roots with her present, creating a duality that resonates throughout the album.

Garcia’s voice is both powerful and emotive, carrying the weight of her explorations and the freedom she has found in her cultural and spiritual introspection. ‘Gemelo’ is not just an album; it is a declaration of self, a celebration of heritage, and a fearless challenge to the norms of what American music can be.

For listeners seeking a fresh and authentic voice in pop music, Angélica Garcia’s ‘Gemelo’ offers a transformative and deeply resonant experience.

Angélica Garcia – Reflexiones01:51

  1. Angélica Garcia – Color De Dolor 03:17
  2. Angélica Garcia – Juanita 03:46
  3. Angélica Garcia – Ángel [eterna] 04:17
  4. Angélica Garcia – Mirame 03:22
  5. Angélica Garcia – Y Grito 01:33
  6. Angélica Garcia – El Que 05:26
  7. Angélica Garcia – Intuición 03:13
  8. Angélica Garcia – Gemini 03:14
  9. Angélica Garcia – Paloma

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