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Review By Darren McIntyre

Clan Of Xymox or Xymox are an Electronic / Gothic / Darkwave rock band from Nijmegen, Netherlands who originally formed in 1981, The band has been constantly evolving and changing it’s shape, formation and sound and this has allowed them to deliver a colossal 17 album haul. The band bring us their new single X-Odus from their awesome new album Exodus which I will be reviewing for you today.

X-Odus – A pulsing dark funk groove flows from the intro as the electronic drum beats let this foot stomping number wrap itself around us and let this electro groover take us on the journey that just opens our minds. The soulful vocals are working well with this colossal thumping beat that is just simmering under the surface as the band comes together to deliver a Blade like groove that just catches you off guard. The musicians are really upping the anti with this solid groove laden number that instantly makes you want to leap to your feet and hit the floor and throw down some shapes as this infectious beast gets inside your mind and whisks us to somewhere new, the tone, pulse, vibe are just letting the silky smooth beat wrap itself around us and give this sizzling electro groover beat the attention it deserves.

Clan Of Xymox  –
                          Ronny Moorings  –  Vocals / Guitar
                          Mario Usai  –  Guitar / Bass
                          Mojca Zugna  –  Bass
                          Sean Goebel  –  Keys / Backing Vocals
                          Daniel Hoffmann  –  FX / Sequencer

Track Listing  –

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