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Review By Darren McIntyre

Sea Of Treachery are a Metalcore / Deathcore outfit from Hebron, Kentucky who originally formed in 2004 and delivered us their debut album in 2008. With the line up came a record deal but some changes to the personnel but this did not deter the boys from bringing us their best musical efforts, the band have had some issues but they continue to bring us raw, edgy music that has carried them through their 20 year tenure. The boys have just signed a new record deal and brought us a thundering new album What’s Past Is Prologue and from that comes their blistering single Fearbomb which I will be reviewing for you today.

Fearbomb – We get a crunching guitar riff that allows the track to erupt and bring us a thundering rhythm section that explodes with a solid snare drum beat that gives us furious double bass drum beats that really get this track moving. The clean / unclean vocals are just letting this track express itself as the crunching groove just comes for us. The deep full on bassline is wrapping itself around this foot stomping, fist pumping gritty groove track as the boys just engulf us in their world of Metalcore / Deathcore music that has a real punchy stop start tone that is just building and building as the boys just kick in the doors and deliver us a searing beast that just grabs you by the throat and let us have a real dark melodic tone that is off the scale good. We are punching the air with joy as this crunching monster rears it’s head and tells us that the boys are back and back with a bang.

Sea Of Treachery  –
                              Alex Huffman  –  Vocals
                              Christian McManama  –  Lead Guitar
                              Aaron Hoover  –  Rhythm Guitar
                              Tyler Monell  –  Bass
                              Cody Patton  –  Drums

Track Listing  –

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