Black Country Communion’s ‘V’: A Triumphant Return to Rock Majesty

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Review By Glen Parkes

It’s been seven long years, but the wait is finally over. Black Country Communion, the rock supergroup composed of Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian, has returned with their fifth studio album, simply titled V. Dropping worldwide on June 14, this album marks a powerful resurgence for the band, who have been tantalizing fans with the promise of new music since their last release.

A Legacy Reignited

Black Country Communion debuted in 2010 with an explosive sound that seamlessly blended British blues-rock and American soul, a combination that earned them critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. With V, the band not only maintains this rich legacy but elevates it, delivering a collection of tracks that are as dynamic and soulful as anything they’ve released before.

Track-by-Track Exploration

The album opens with “Enlighten,” a powerful introduction that sets the tone with its robust instrumentation and emotive vocals. It’s a fitting welcome back, showcasing the chemistry that made the band famous.

The lead single, “Stay Free,” is an immediate standout. Heavy on the funk and brimming with energy, it captures the essence of Black Country Communion’s sound—Bonamassa’s fiery guitar riffs, Hughes’ soulful vocals, Bonham’s thunderous drumming, and Sherinian’s masterful keyboard work all come together in a harmonious explosion of rock excellence.

“Red Sun” stretches to 6:33, providing an expansive, almost cinematic experience. The track’s extended solos and atmospheric soundscapes highlight Derek Sherinian’s keyboard prowess, adding a layer of depth to the band’s sound.

Tracks like “Restless” and “Letting Go” offer a contrast in tempo and mood, balancing the album with their introspective lyrics and melodious hooks. “Restless” in particular stands out for its driving rhythm and reflective undertones.

“Skyway” at 4:27 is a soaring track that captures the essence of classic rock with a modern twist. Bonamassa’s guitar work is particularly stellar, weaving intricate melodies that lift the song to new heights.

Love And Faith With a runtime of 6:32, “Love And Faith” is a sprawling epic that blends blues, rock, and soul seamlessly. The track is a testament to the band’s versatility and their ability to push genre boundaries.

“Too Far Gone” is a high-energy track at 3:54, bringing a burst of adrenaline with its fast-paced rhythm and catchy hooks. It’s a perfect song to showcase the band’s rock credentials.

The album concludes with “The Open Road,” a fitting end that encapsulates the themes of journey and self-discovery. Its reflective tone and haunting melody leave listeners with a sense of closure and a yearning for moreVerdict

Black Country Communion’s V is more than just a comeback album; it’s a statement. It reaffirms their place in rock history and showcases their evolution as artists. Each track is a testament to their individual talents and collective synergy. For both longtime fans and newcomers, V is a must-listen, proving that true rock majesty never fades—it only gets better with time.

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