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Review By Darren McIntyre

Kelsey Michael is a singer / songwriter from Penzance, Cornwall who started life as a theatre performer / soundtrack singer who can be heard singing on Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut movie soundtrack. Kelsey’s first foray into music was as backing singer to The The and this has enabled her to spread her wings into other avenues of the music industry. Kelsey has also released 2 EP’s with her London based band Minnow, today Kelsey brings her debut solo album Lethowsow- (pronounced Laith- Oh -So) and from that comes the soulful melodic single Gry Maritha which I will be reviewing for you today.

Gry Maritha – The intro brings a real soulful melodic vocal that instantly settles you into this thought provoking track that just whisks us away to another place and time. The piano, upright bass and snare drum brushes really let this awesome track unfold and let these incredible vocals reveal themselves. This is a track that feels like you are in a smokey jazz club and the star attraction has just walked onto the stage and has introduced us to a magical world that instantly puts us at ease with the soulful soothing vocals that are just incredible. The musicianship is just incredible as it just delivers a well thought out musical journey that just peels back the layers to let us uncover an incredible track that is steeped in delicious jazz style piano tones that let the rhythm section bring us a cool snare drum beat that has killer basslines wrapped all around it as we just float off to another place and let these incredible jazz inspired vocals lose us into a world of melodic blues soaked tones that are just fantastic.

Kelsey Michael  –
                          Kelsey Michael  –  Vocals

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