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Review By Darren McIntyre

Malice are a new heavy outfit from the UK that has quickly attracted the attention of press far and wide with their crunching new groove. The boys have given us singles Underneath & Abhor and follow that with their 3rd offering Flayed Lord and have enlisted the talents of Dream State’s Jessie Powell, please join me as I take us through this growling monster that will certainly grab our attention.

Flayed Lord – The track kicks in the doors with a thundering rhythm section that unleashes hell with a snare drum assault that brings a furious double bass drum beat that really punches you straight in the face from the outset. The growling dark vocals are wrapping themselves around this crunching beast as it delivers soaring melodies that let the monster bring the depth, swagger, attitude and sheer drive that has this track breaking new barriers with it’s intense sound that is wrapped in the searing vocal assault that is letting this metal beast tell it’s own story as we feel the sheer volume engulf us and let the track breathe. The rawness is just pulsing through every pour in your body as we feel the electrifying tone flow effortlessly through this monster offering.

Malice  –
             Josh Davies
             Aaron Wright
             Jordan Burke
             Matt Judd
             Jack Foster

             Jessie Powell  –  Dream State

Track Listing  –
                      Flayed Lord

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