Dread Persephone – New single

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Single: Scapegoat

Release date: 28th June 24

Review by Linda McDermott

Dread Persephone are a band who formed just over a year ago and have very quickly carved out a niche in the progressive metal rock scene, demonstrating an impressive level of musical maturity and emotional depth. Drawing inspiration from heavyweights such as Tool, Deftones, Letlive, Gallows, Kvelertak, Lamb of God, Incubus and Mastodon, their sound is a rich tapestry of intricate rhythms, powerful guitar riffs, and evocative lyrics. Despite their relatively short time together, the band has developed a distinctive style that resonates with both metal enthusiasts and a broader audience.

The band:

Jason Wakefield – Bass

Harry Channon – Guitars

Regan – Vocals

Liam Roberts – Drums

Their latest single, ‘Scapegoat’, is a testament to their ability to tackle complex emotional themes through their music. The track addresses the intense and often debilitating experiences of anxiety, loneliness, and trauma. It begins with a serene and controlled introduction, setting a contemplative tone that lulls the listener into a sense of calm. This initial tranquility serves as a stark contrast to the turbulence that follows, mirroring the unpredictable nature of the emotions being explored.

As the song progresses, it escalates into a powerful and chaotic crescendo, capturing the overwhelming intensity of anxiety and trauma. The ebb and flow of the track’s emotional journey reflects the ups and downs that come with grappling with these difficult feelings. The band’s adept handling of these transitions showcases their skill in conveying emotional energy through their music.

Dread Persephone can, in my opinion, make a significant impact on the progressive metal scene with their emotionally charged and technically proficient music. Their influences are clear, yet they stand out as an original and accomplished act. The guys are currently recording material for their next EP, which should be released towards the end of the year.

You can catch them live at

4th July. ScunnerSlam,

13th Sept. Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

29th Sept Rockinburgh Festival La Belle, Edinburgh


Instagram –https://www.instagram.com/dreadpersephoneband?igsh=MWNqeGhzc3g1NXQ2eg==

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/dreadpersephoneband

Lyrics for Scapegoat

There’s a howling at my head

There’s a pounding down the hall

It’s coming for us all

And I cannot eat

I’ve seen the face of God

Reflected in this cold abyss

She labels me the scapegoat

Then I scratched out her eyes

Who are you?

Please speak up

Why is my

Mouth sewn shut

I peel my empty gaze

From ceiling down to tattered floor

Larvae consume the edges

Your shadow creeps around my door

Who am I?

Not like you

Cold blue eyes

Just like you

Contort my words

My silly little games

My haikus

And mutterings

Drowning in indecision

You always blamed me

You always blamed me never once did I ask

Eight years of blood

Stuck to the pages

Like biological cement

My chords and strings were misaligned

Moved by this malcontent

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