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Review By Darren McIntyre

Chiral are an Alt Rock / Electronic / Punk infused 4 piece Irish outfit who bring a concocting potion of groove laden Avant – Garde tones that just tingle our senses. The boys drop their 5th single In The Company Of Wolves which I will be reviewing for you today.

In The Company Of Wolves – The track kicks off with a deep pulsing bassline that welcomes a slick crisp guitar lick that has pounding bass kicks that just allow this killer track to unfold. The groove is awakened with a solid snare drum beat that has a real funky tone attached to it as the boys just let themselves cut loose and bring this real thought provoking number to us, the mellow groover is driven onwards by a slick, clean, guitar lick that is just allowing this funky groover to kick in the doors and deliver a slick, rumbling fast paced fist pumping groove that is just building and building as the bass kicks come at us and really give this track an edgy, punchy tone that changes tempo mid beat and hits us with a crunching RATM beat that is just soaring and then some.

Chiral  –
            Adam Brewer  –  Vocals / Multi Instruments
            Gary Duncan  –  Guitar
            Al ‘ Bluster Bhoy ‘ Tierney  –  Bass
            Eddie ‘ Graveyard ‘ Delaney  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      In The Company Of Wolves

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