Erasure’s Cowboy 2CD Deluxe Edition: A Synth-Pop Classic Reimagined

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Review By Glen Parkes

The dynamic duo of Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, collectively known as Erasure, are set to enchant fans anew with the release of the 2CD Deluxe Hardback Book edition of their 1997 album Cowboy. Slated for release on May 31, 2024, via Mute / BMG, this edition promises a treasure trove of rarities and fresh remixes that breathe new life into a beloved classic.

Revisiting a Top 10 Triumph

Originally released in March 1997, Cowboy marked Erasure’s triumphant return to the UK Albums Top 10. The album, produced by the esteemed Gareth Jones (notable for his work with Depeche Mode) and Neil McLellan (The Prodigy), features a collection of tracks recorded across sunny Spain and London. Its lead single, “In My Arms,” hailed by The Guardian as “pop at its purest,” is presented here in a rare acoustic version, offering a more intimate take on the synth-pop ballad.

The anthemic “Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me,” described by Billboard as “downright anthemic,” is another standout, now enriched with a new remix by Belgium’s synth-pop maestros, Telex. The third single, “Rain,” receives inventive remix treatments from Blancmange and the outsider pop trio Stealing Sheep, adding fresh dimensions to the original.

A Deluxe Package for Devotees

This deluxe edition isn’t just about the music—it’s a collector’s dream. Housed in a beautifully crafted hardback book, the package includes exclusive sleeve notes by Mat Smith of Electronic Sound and rare photographs by Peter Ashworth. The second CD is a veritable goldmine, featuring previously unreleased remixes, B-sides, demos, and an extended version of Erasure’s cover of Blondie’s “Rapture.”

Here’s the complete tracklisting for the deluxe edition:


  1. Rain
  2. Worlds On Fire
  3. Reach Out
  4. In My Arms
  5. Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me
  6. Precious
  7. Treasure
  8. Boy
  9. How Can I Say
  10. Save Me Darling
  11. Love Affair


  1. Rain (Al Stone Mix)
  2. Rapture (Extended Version)
  3. In The Name Of The Heart
  4. First Contact (Vocal Mix)
  5. Reach Out [Alternative Lyrics]
  6. In My Arms (Acoustic Version)
  7. Magic Moments (Alternative Mix)
  8. My Love
  9. Earth
  10. Worlds On Fire (Demo Version)
  11. In My Arms (Love To Infinity Stratomaster Mix US Edit)
  12. Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me (Telex Remix)
  13. Rain (Blancmange Remix)
  14. Don’t Say Your Love Is Killing Me (Flashback Vox)
  15. In My Arms (Crumbling Down Extended Instrumental Remix)
  16. Rain (Stealing Sheep Remix)
  17. Heart Of Glass (Live In Oxford)

Celebrating Erasure’s Enduring Legacy

Cowboy is a pivotal album in Erasure’s extensive catalog, reflecting a period of revitalization and creative exuberance. This deluxe edition not only revisits the past but also recontextualizes it with modern remixes that showcase the timelessness of Bell and Clarke’s songwriting.

The release continues the trend of deluxe editions for Erasure’s discography, following the success of their eighteenth studio album, The Neon, which soared to #4 on the UK Official Albums Chart in 2020. Fans old and new will find much to cherish in this expansive collection, a testament to Erasure’s enduring impact on the synth-pop landscape.

In summary, the Cowboy 2CD Deluxe Edition is more than just a re-release; it’s a celebration of Erasure’s legacy, a must-have for collectors, and a delightful journey for any synth-pop aficionado. Mark your calendars for May 31, 2024, and get ready to rediscover Cowboy like never before.

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