Those Damn Crows – Let’s Go Psycho! – Single Review

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Review By Graeme Wright

I was put on to Those Damn Crows a number of years ago by a friend in Nottingham, so I managed to catch them in the early days when they were performing shows in front of about seventy people in small venues in Manchester and Wolverhampton. Since those days they have worked their socks off and last year they produced one of the albums of the year with ‘Inhale/Exhale’ and they are now filling out the Cardiff stadium with 7500 fans in attendance. It’s been great to watch the band progress and it’s an added bonus that they are all great guys who have created a close connection with their army of fans.

I was surprised to see them release a new single this week because I wasn’t aware they had been back in the studio. As expected, it’s a corker of a track and would have sat comfortably on their last album. It’s immediately recognisable as a Crows song and the high production values on display on the last album are again on view here. A punchy opening segues into a fast paced and insistent track that is one of the heaviest things the band have ever produced, but it still retains the immediacy and accessibility of the bands best songs.

This bodes really well for the next album but you wouldn’t expect anything less from the Crows, who for me are the gang leaders of the New Wave Of Classic Rock movement that has picked up huge momentum in the last couple of years. Excellent stuff.

Those Damn Crows:

Shane Greenhall – Vocals

Ian “Shiner” Thomas – Guitar

Dave Winchurch – Guitar

Lloyd Wood – Bass Guitar

Ronnie Huxford – Drums

Track Listing – Let’s Go Psycho!

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