Brantley Gilbert delights fans with a new dramatic ballad Over When We’re Sober, featuring Ashley Cooke.

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Written by Flynn Herondale, June 2024.

The rocky and folksy track tells the story of a passionate on again-off again relationship, where the toxicity is refreshingly acknowledged, but dangerously ignored. Georgia born Brantley’s earthy tones give a rocky vibe to the tune. Harmonizing with Cooke’s smooth caramel flavor, the vocals create a gritty, heartbreaking and very relatable lyrical experience. Fans of HARDY’s rock-country vibes will find something to enjoy here. Musically there are dreamy folk influences throughout the melody, giving it a fresh and epic feel. There’s almost a 90s power ballad undertone.

Brantley himself is currently touring the US showcasing his decade long career with the Off The Rails Tour, and a brand new album is in the works! You can win the car from the Bottoms Up music video! Go to @brantleygilbert for details on how to enter.

Ashley Cooke has been going from strength to strength since her beginnings as a TikTok singer-songwriter, most recently becoming an AMC New Female Artist of the Year nominee! She was brought onto the track by Brantley after his producer Brock Berryhill put Ashley’s name into the mix. Check out more of her music in her debut album Shot In The Dark.

Over When We’re Sober is out now. Visit to purchase tour tickets.

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