Single Review: STRANGERS – “Flames” (Single)

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Review by Halina Wegner

Spanish rock band STRANGERS have just released their electrifying new single, “Flames,” along with an official video, via Frontiers Music Srl. Dropped on June 25, 2024, this track marks a fiery return for the band, setting the stage ablaze with its high-energy anthem.

“Flames” is a powerful showcase of STRANGERS’ signature style, blending dynamic rock instrumentation with anthemic choruses. Frontwoman Celia Barloz’s captivating vocals stand out as the heart and soul of the track. Her voice, described as both beautiful and heartwarming, leads the charge, inspiring listeners with her passion and determination. Celia’s performance is a testament to her talent and sets a promising tone for the future of rock music.

“Unleashing a wildfire of energy,” as the band describes, “Flames” lives up to its name, igniting the scene with its infectious energy and memorable melodies. The accompanying video enhances the experience, visually capturing the song’s fiery essence and the band’s charismatic presence.

“Flames” is a standout single that not only highlights STRANGERS’ musical talents but also positions them as a formidable force in the rock scene.

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