Eddie & The WolvesThe Devil’s Wrong, But Not To BlameRevolver RecordsRelease: 13 September 2024

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Eddie & The Wolves Unveil Provocative Video for ‘The Devil’s Wrong, But Not to Blame’ from Forthcoming Album ‘Tasty Sin’

Derby based blues rockers Eddie & The Wolves have released the much-anticipated music video for ‘The Devil’s Wrong, But Not to Blame,’ the first single from their forthcoming album ‘Tasty Sin.’ 

Rooted deeply in the rich tapestry of classic rock, Eddie & The Wolves’ upcoming new album, ‘Tasty Sin,’ pays homage to the greats of rock while daringly venturing into uncharted territories. Blues-infused guitar riffs weave seamlessly with powerful melodies. Husband and wife powerhouse Eddie and Char Saffell’s emotive vocals breathe life into tales of love, rebellion, and adventure, echoing the timeless themes that have always resonated within the heart of rock music.

‘Tasty Sin’ isn’t a nostalgic clone of the past. The album boldly incorporates modern elements that infuse synths, computer and contemporary production techniques to create a fresh and dynamic sound. This fusion of old and new, of raw and refined, makes ‘Tasty Sin’ a compelling listen for both classic rock aficionados and modern rock music enthusiasts alike.

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