Split Iris reveal new single ‘Guilt’; release new album

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New single / video ‘Guilt’ out now

Bloodred Dusk album out today via Seek and Strike

Prepare to be captivated by the Finnish metalcore/progressive metal fusion of Split Iris as they unleash their mesmerising new single, ‘Guilt’, in celebration of their latest album, Bloodred Dusk, released today through Seek and Strike. ‘Guilt’ sets the dynamic and hard-hitting tone for the entire album, showcasing the band’s versatility and intensity. Dive into a conceptual journey of sonic emotions with ‘Guilt’ and experience the raw power and depth of Split Iris like never before.

Split Iris states: “Our new single, ‘Guilt,’ is a point in the story arc where everything goes to ruin in a glimpse of an eye. The arrangement, the riffs and the overall energy reflect the songs’ themes of chaotic randomness that occur as the reality around us collapses. We feel we’ve really captured this chaotic feeling of falling apart in the essence of the song, which keeps you on your toes as the song advances in its erratic, but comprehensible patterns. We also feel that we’ve achieved a completely new level of progressiveness in our music with this song broadening the Split Iris sound, for which we’re extremely proud of. 
“We went all in with the production of this music video in regards to creativity, as we approached it from a completely new angle. We feel we achieved a visual experience which reflects the track’s message and vibe perfectly.

“Our new album, Bloodred Dusk, is a story of humanity and its looming end. The album reflects on different aspects of humanity’s limits and about its resilience. A common theme throughout the album is hubris as a trait of humanity, and how it blinds us from seeing our limits and our lack of control. Even in the face of total obliteration and in the moments of the deepest despair there is still trust that everything can be fixed. The story arc moves from a sense of stability to losing all hope and giving up, and finally to finding hope even amid complete ruin with seemingly no possible future for humanity. From the deepest moment of despair there is still a spark of hope to be found for a brighter future. But will it be enough? Is it already too late? What will it take to fix humanity’s course? That is the theme and the core thought underlying the story.”

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