Tom Morello – “Soldier in The Army of Love” (Single)

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A Battle Cry for Unity: Tom Morello’s “Soldier in The Army of Love”

Review By Darren McIntyre

Rock n Roll hall of famer , Grammy Winner & multi platinum selling rocker Tom Morello releases his new solo single Soldier In The Army Of Love which features a co- write from his son Roman Morello. You associate Tom with the likes of Rage Against The Machine & Audioslave with whom he was an original member of both, Tom is also a solid foundation of supergroup act Prophets Of Rage and had a 6 year stint in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. Tom is a vocal political activist and was 2023’s Music Will Humantarian Of The Year recipient and is helping to sponsor multiple music programmes across the country for schools in need. please join me as I run us through this blistering new solo release from the charismatic Tom Morello.

Soldier In The Army Of Love – The track begins with a soulful melodic backing groove before the doors are taken clean off as this foot stomping rock n roller leaves it’s mark. The melodic beast brings in clean mellow backing vocals that really wrap themselves around this grungy fist pumping monster as the soulful beat really grabs you by the short and curlies, the pounding snare drum kicks lets the rhythm section deliver a colossal groove that brings in a guitar riff that just keeps on giving as the meaty bass kicks let this epic track tell it’s own story. The slick well written track is a short sharp poke in the eye as we feel the energy oozing through this powering arrangement as Tom lends his soaring vocals to this monster track that just builds and builds as we feel the energy running through the mid section of this gritty soaring track that leaves us wanting more from this charismatic musician.

Tom Morello  –
                      Tom Morello  –  Vocals / Guitar

Track Listing  –
                      Soldier In The Army Of Love

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