SUNBOMB “Light Up The Sky”Sunbomb Album Review

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Review By Dave Martin

Formed in 2019, the Southern Californian band is made up of Mich Davis on bass, Adam Hamilton on drums, Tracii Guns on guitar and Michael Sweet on vocals. The band was created as an ode to 80s rock music and the stylings of key musicians such as Ronnie James Dio, Judy Priest, Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne, which the group site as their influences. This album is the second release by the group and follows “Evil and Divine” debuting in 2021. Even the title of the first album is a nod to the lyrics of Dio.

My first impression of the band is there are elements that sound like a clean version of Steel Panther which is understandable due to Tracii originating from LA Guns and the hair metal scene.
The opening track “Unbreakable” commences with Sabbath quality guitars followed by Sweet entering in a Dio-esque style before the vocals taking on a more Bruce Dickinson characteristic. Throughout the guitars are heavily distorted adding to tight drumming provided by Tracii’s old L.A. Guns bandmate, Hamilton. “Unbreakable” is available as a lyric video on Youtube and serves as the first single from the album.    
When asked about the song, Michael Sweet had this to say, “‘Unbreakable’ is a raw, in-your-face track with a message of perseverance and never giving up. We all walk through the fire and when we do, we come out refined and ‘Unbreakable’. It’s an honor to be working with Tracii and releasing music that’s powerful and meaningful.”
The second song “Steel Hearts” opening riff would not feel out of place emanating for Dimebag’s Dimebolt in a Pantera song before Tracii is joined by traditional 80’s style vocals from Sweet.

In addition to the influences named above there are other nods to other more modern artists such the breakdown section of “In Grace We’ll Find Our Name” that would sit comfortably on a Mastodon LP.
Tracks such as “Diary of a Madman and “Beyond The Odds” pay homage to one of Tracii’s heros Randy Rhoads and “Scream Out Loud” is another in the Sabbath style. When you add Judas Priest inspired “Winds of Fate” you can truly feel transported back 40 years.
80s acoustic rock is represented in “Where we Belong” before the album finishing with the riff heavy “Setting the Sail”.
If you enjoy a slower version of frontmen such as Bruce Dickinson and Ronnie James Dio combined with guitars typical of the aforementioned time period, then this album is for you.   
“Light up the sky” is released by Fontiers records and airs on the 28th June.
Track listing

  1. Unbreakable 2. Steel Hearts 3. In Grace (We’ll Find Our Name) 4. Light Up The Sky 5. Rewind 6. Scream Out Loud 7. Winds Of Fate 8. Beyond The Odds 9. Reclaim The Light 10. Where We Belong 11. Setting The Sail

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