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Review By Darren McIntyre

Victory are a heavy metal / hard rock outfit from Hanover, Germany who originally came to our attention in 1984 with their self released debut album. The boys have been ranked alongside the likes of The Scorpions, Accept & Helloween as one of Germany’s acts, the boys decided to call it quits in 1994 but decided that they needed to bring their infectious brand of rock n roll to the masses and reformed a couple of years later.

The boys have given us 14 albums in their time which includes their latest offering Circle Of Life which drops on the 13th September, they have also given us 1 comp & 1 live album, please join me as I run us through this pounding beast from these titans of the German rock scene.

American Girl – From the getgo we have a solid bass kick that lets the snare punches bring this rasping monster to life with a full on beat this is just so infectious. The gravelly vocals are flowing effortlessly through this fist pumping rock n roller as the boys just pick up where they left off and bring us a real gritty groove track that just keeps building and building. The dark brooding bassline drops killer beats that just wrap themselves around this sizzling foot stomping arrangement that instantly gets you punching the air with sheer energy, the boys are tearing through this track with ease as we feel the depth, attitude pull us through this slick guitar laden beast as the solo kicks in the doors and delivers a real classy riff that is wrapped in a pounding rhythm section that is just allowing this track the room it needs to breathe. The gritty rasping tone is just letting the boys express themselves as we feel the punch hit us straight in the face with raw unapologetic tone that is on the money.

Victory  –
             Gianni Pontillo  –  Vocals
             Herman Frank  –  Guitar
             Mike Pesin  –  Guitar
             Malte Frederik Burkert  –  Bass
             Michael Stein  –  Drums

Track Listing  –
                      American Girl

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