Ted Z and the Wranglers – “Right That Wrong” (Single)

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A Call to Passion: Ted Z and the Wranglers’ “Right That Wrong”

Review By Darren McIntyre

Ted Z & The Wranglers are an Americana / Rockabilly / Roots Rock band hailing from Southern California who were formed in 2012 by frontman Ted Zakka. Since their formation the y have been building a steady fanbase that has built them up into the wrecking ball we hear today, this has allowed them to grace the stage with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd & Steppenwolf. The boys drop their new album Kerosene this fall and from that new release comes opening single Right That Wrong which I will be reviewing for you today, please sit back and grab yourself a cold one as I take us through this fantastic new offering.

Right That Wrong – The track kicks off with a little Hammond style keys that instantly settle you into the groove of this fantastic outfit as the riffs ripple through the intro. The soulful blues style vocals ease into the arrangement as a punchy snare drum beat brings the rhythm section to our attention as the cymbal snaps control the beat of this real foot stomping ditty, the funky deep bassline is dropping mellow grooves that wrap themselves around this sizzling new offering as the slick, clean guitar licks open the mid section as we feel the depth, energy and soul flooding through this colossal beast as the keys are just elevating it to another level as Ted & the boys hit their stride and really sock it to us with this real soulful southern style blues attack thhas us reaching for the repeat button. This is a cool mellow composition that will have you kicking back, grabbing a cold one and sitting with your good lady and feeling the track wrap itself around you and holding on for the next chapter from this exciting outfit..

Ted Z & The Wranglers  –
                                       Ted Z  –  Vocals / Guitar
                                       Jackson Leverone  –  Lead Guitar / Vocals
                                       James Hamilton  –  Guitar / Vocals
                                       Henry Clift  –  Bass / Vocals
                                       Marcos De La Cruz  –  Drums / Vocals

Track Listing  –
                       Right That Wrong

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