Hammerfall – ‘Avenge The Fallen’

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Power Metal

Nuclear Blast Records

Release Date – August 9th 2024

Review By Smudge Smith

When you think of Power Metal, I would say only a couple of names are up front – Helloween and HammerFall for me are the leaders and to have had both on the same tour recently must have been joy unconfined for those who attended any of the shows. HammerFall decided to wite their new album whilst on the road, using that energy and inspiration after coming off stage. That energy is tangible on this collection of stunning new songs.

If you were ever in doubt as to what Power Metal is then the opener and title track should relieve that doubt. It’s a huge mid paced banger with a metal choir providing the backing vocals. David Wallin has some fun introducing ‘The End Justifies’ before guitarists Oscar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren rip into a fiery riff and we’re off on a melodic power metal fist pumping anthem. Joacim Cans has some voice, and he uses it to its maximum and just get those fluid fingered guitarists who just seem to riff and fill with ease. ‘Freedom’ is another arena sized anthem all propelled on Fredrik Larsson’s bouncing bassline. We get some more masculine metal choir backing as Cans gives us a pep talk before we go into battle! Talking of battle ‘Hail To The King’ is a huge slice of reverence for the home coming King full of pomp and grandeur before the bombastic ‘Hero To All’ rattles along on another fine rhythm from Wallin. ‘Hope Springs Eternal’ brings a power metal ballad which shows another side of Cans voice and those guys with six strings just know what to play and they play with a feel that suits the song. And we’re back to the Power Metal on ‘Burn It Down’ which is guaranteed to get you throwing your horns and beating your chest before the dark melodic twin guitar opening of ‘Capture The Dream’ which goes into a galloping rocker. ‘Rise Of Evil’ goes for the throat and doesn’t let go before we come down on the neo-classical romp of ‘Time Immemorial’.

I’ve only recently been exposed to a lot of this Power Metal, some good and some not so but HammerFall really know what this is all about and here they prove it. It’s all here – superb riffs, searing solos, melodies catchier than the common cold and rhythms that will no doubt get you speeding tickets. Like metal? You will love this! Yeah, it’s over the top but it sounds incredible.

Track List –

1 – Avenge The Fallen

2 – The End Justifies

3 – Freedom

4 – Hail To The King

5 – Hero To All

6 – Hope Springs Eternal

7 – Burn It Down

8 – Capture The Dream

9 – Rise Of Evil

10 – Time Immemorial

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